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USA womens soccer


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Ok yes I'm not the worlds biggest soccer fan but I've gotten to follow a couple of games and for the first time ever I'm excited by soccer.


yes hot women and 2 sports in lockouts helps :P


Anyway the game on sunday USA vs Brazil was amazing in so many ways and a hell of a come back victory overcoming the worlds best player and some refs(helps we have the worlds best goalie <3 Hope Solo)


We just beat France 3-1 despite france outplaying us for a good chunk of the game.


Now we play the winner of Japan vs Sweden which is today.


anyone who wants to come by on sunday is welcome for a watch party.

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maybe, not normally a sports bar guy due to the fact I nerd out too much during most games(football is the worst for me, I've got stats, tv and a chat room up at the same time, plus switching around channels.)


plus it's nice to know I don't have to worry about driving home lol

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Do any other Miami hondos peeps wanna see the girls play in the final??


Gun...I was thinking maybe going to one of the sports bars...that could be even more fun.


I'm game!!! the sports bar on sunset??? also when and what time?

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