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Dolphins football weekly meetup


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Ok baring something really unexpected happening football will be back on as of this weekend(tentive timetable would start FA next monday)


now I'll make another thread for that when it's official but this is for gamedays.


now I always do my gameday at home, this gives me my nice big tv(I flip around to other games/redzone during commercials and such) and honestly internet access is pretty important to me, not only am I a bit of a stat monkey but I also spend the day in a chatroom with a large collection of internet based dolphins fans(know these cats for years) so I'm am opening my house to anyone who wants to show up(I'm not gonna require you be phins fans but yeah... you may not want to show up if your team is playing the dolphins... I get crazy =). unless your a jets fan...


Now in the interset of saving myself money I'll supply some soda and chips, people can bring what they want and for big game we can get together and do a grilling on my baby.


here's the upcoming schedule




Aug. 12 at Atlanta 7:30 pm WFOR - Friday

AUG. 19 CAROLINA 7:30 PM WFOR - Friday

Aug. 27 at Tampa Bay 7:30 pm WFOR - Saturday

SEPT. 1 DALLAS 7:30 PM WFOR - Thrusday



SEPT. 12 NEW ENGLAND 7:00 PM ESPN - Monday

SEPT. 18 HOUSTON 4:15 PM CBS - Sunday

Sept. 25 at Cleveland 1:00 PM CBS - Sunday

Oct. 2 at San Diego 4:15 PM CBS - Sunday

Oct. 9 BYE

Oct. 17 at N.Y. Jets 8:30 PM ESPN - Munday

OCT. 23 DENVER 1:00 PM CBS - Sunday

Oct. 30 at N.Y. Giants 1:00 PM CBS - Sunday

Nov. 6 at Kansas City 1:00 PM CBS - Sunday

NOV. 13 WASHINGTON* 1:00 PM FOX - Sunday

NOV. 20 BUFFALO* 1:00 PM CBS - Sunday

Nov. 24 at Dallas 4:15 PM CBS - Thrusday

DEC. 4 OAKLAND* 1:00 PM CBS - Sunday

DEC. 11 PHILADELPHIA* 1:00 PM FOX - Sunday

Dec. 18 at Buffalo* 1:00 PM CBS - Sunday

Dec. 24 at New England* 1:00 PM CBS - Saturday

JAN. 1 N.Y. JETS* 1:00 PM CBS - Sunday


People are also welcome on any football night or day, I watch UM on saturdays and most thrusday and monday night football games as well(call ahead though just in case) I'll bump this thread as we get closer to games.

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except for maybe the monday night game, double homicide ;)


yeah man I'll keep hondos up on all game days so we can do some chatting.


I'll also do 2 game day threads, one for NFL and one for the phins, not one for each game just one overall thread.

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Angel, you don't play fantasy football?


I've avoided it till now, I have another friend whos' been trying to get to play... partly due to the fact I'm only got so many hours a day and I'm starting to run out of it LOL. I might dick around in some random yahoo league or something just to give it a try. god last thing I need is something else that nees spreadsheets...

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