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Hondo's Bar

OH NO HE DIDN'T!!! - Drunken RPG 2.0?


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am i gonna have to bump & merge this with the drunken RPG thread...?


At some point, maybe...


Ok, I've begun solid work on it. I might whip up a quickie demo in about a week or so. It's all starting to come back to me how to work with this thing.


So far, I've got Nick, myself and Aarty of course, JZA....


Sexy Hat, Maldron, you want in?


Oh, I've already added 12 people in addition to the 4 above.



Please post below if you WANT to be in the game, or if you have a desire to be REMOVED from the game. Otherwise, I'll add as I see fit.


I also intend to have unlockable secret characters from Hondo's and Deities' past and a few trolls for good measure.


We'll see what else this thing can do...


Suggestions are welcome of course.

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Oh man, makes me wanna get back into RPG maker.

Feel free to use my likeness as you see fit, if you see fit.


I wish I was that good, but I'm just using the characters that come with it. It's more in the story, than the graphics.

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Shotgun being the bad guy!


Wish, granted.


I wanna be the guy with the worthless abilities that launch rubberducks or tickles or some shit, but then I suddenly become awesome if you level me all the way.


Not tellin' you how to do your thang, you do what you do sir.


I can make ya weak in the beginning, sure.



Taking a break for the day, but I've gotten a start... Trolls, Mr.SexyHat and Panch are uh, the bad guys so far. But I'm thinking the game will have 2 sides, Playing as the bad guys, and playing as the good guys. Just general ideas, really. Working towards finishing the fist level/ part of the quest, then I'll release it.

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Temporarily taking a break. I'll get a first level out soon enough, but I need to take some time off. Really stressed out at work right now, and I'm on a much needed break.


Don't worry though, I will come through.

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