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Swung by Best Buy this morning - they still have 'Black Friday' sales goin' on. Wolvie, Lego, Terminator - 4 bucks each. The others ranged between 7 - 9 bucks - each. They got a lot of good stuff (and 'recent' releases) goin' for cheap - most I already have...but good stuff. Worth swinging by - if you're bored and in the area.

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I was surprised BB had the best bluray deals this year. I dropped about $50 there on blurays. They had HBOs Band of Brothers & The Pacific for only $10 each. That is a fucking steal! I already had BoB on BR but I picked up The Pacific, True Detective, Zootopia, Finding Dory, Nice Guys, and Mocking Jay Part 2 (It was a garbage movie, but the completist in me couldn't pass up the BB exclusive steel book packaging for only $9.)


The past few years Amazon was keeping up with the big three retailers, but this year the Azn interface was kinda frustrating with all the "lightning deals." I just picked up X-Men Apocalypse and Revenent from Azn this year. Bought a few figs from Azn though. I'll have to post pics of my haul smetime ths week.

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