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Awww - coool. Been thinking about getting into cart collecting, like you guys. (NZA's place...you can't unsee that.) I'd luv to have an HD-upscaling kinda console to play 'em, tho. I dig the scanlines n' tube-tv experience - but, I'm more in favor of the crisp HD-ness. (I luv n' appreciate the ol' skoo' option - but I personally definitely favor an HD presentation)


Seen a few youtube vids the other day - I'm really, really on the verge of just forking over the dough n' gettin' one. (Steep!) Re-visiting and trying to beat sum ol' personal classics the past few days really hit me w/ a 'retro' bug. I've seen a 'console' that 'upscales' both ROMS via SD card and actual carts. I use to actively collect NES carts in my teens (Pulgero @ the Flagler Dog Track, baby!), but long story short...all gone - 'cept a few. I still have a stack of NES, SNES, N64 manuals. Sad story that actually still gets me riled up. proof 2.gif


Finally came in today!





It. Is. Massive. Covers everything (art-wise). Top-notch quality, all-around. Not at all the shit-show that was the 'Playing With Power' guide. Solid paper stock, no printing errors - all just...like, source / reference quality. My only nit-pick: Sprite Sheet Section. LOZ, LttP - complete sprites of everything. Eeeverything. AoL - not everything...and it hurts. Don't know if in error or what - but my only issue w/ this 'pick-up'.

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Picked these up at the local "retro" toy store. Panch, they had some really badass statues of Grievous, Maul and Windu I was this close to snagging. They also have a shitload of Pops. No Grievous of that, but I'm gonna go in there more often and I'll keep an eye out for ya.

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So for the last few months I've been trying to get as close to the full runs of comics I like in hardcover. Unfortunately Daniel Way's Ghost Rider and Reginald Hudlin's Black Panther are only available in trades but these are all available in hardcover. And now they're mine.







Unfortunately all 4 of those books continued into other books that aren't available in hardcover and only the Rick Remender run is fully collected in an omnibus (going for $120!) so I opted to just live with owing Punisher: In the Blood, Vengeance of the Moon Knight, the shortlived Agents of Atlas series, and Hercules: The New Prince of Power in softcover forms when I can find them for an okay price.

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mighty fine punisher you got there bruh


yeah, amazing is just enjoyable for ages. were early spectacular/web of's not as good? i'd only read when there were arcs like Carrion saga, death of jean de wolf etc. i recall some solid issues of spectacular but i take your meaning, if there was like 100 of them sequentially i'd not be as interested

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