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On 11/26/2017 at 5:22 AM, Mr. Hakujin said:

It’d also be nice to get the whole set of 4 Rescue Rangers, but with Monterey Jack going for $30 it just aint happenin’, cap’n.


Seriously.  This was me...



I've never gotten into collecting blind pack-stuff...(well, there was a TMNT ooze canister thing - but there's only 4 turtles)  I feel like a chump - LOL!  Argh - I'm already invested - I can't have just half the Rangers...


If there's ever a blind pack series I just need to have - I'll just wait n' buy the whole set.  Had no idea sum of these figs would be so expensive / rare.


Gadget got here this weekend...



...and Monterey Jack is on his way...


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Stash at work was full so I had to buy some shit.   Web Warriors 1-11   Some Skottie covers.    Joe Mad JL Rebirth variant.   

Ordered this forever ago. Came in the mail today. It's like a giant, super detailed version of the original playmates figures. I'll take some better pics later.   Also note the articulated turtle

Giant-sized thank you to Newtype for snagging this stuff for me. They have a good home and I promise to dig into the book and dvds soon. And while Thor and Bill are out of their boxes, rest assured I



The Season sets / cases are sweet - gotta share...





There's another box set that comes w/ a 60s Batmobile and sum cards - but - they both (this and the other set) come w/ a solid-ly produced 'episode guide book'...(not just a rinky-dink paper slip) which is pretty damn awesome, if you don't want fork over the dough for that other ginormous set.


Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na...





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Sweet 'POW Block' Switch game cartridge case.



Holds 12 games.  Super tiny and just kick-ass for cartridge storage.  Gonna store / box the actual Switch game cases along w/ my 3DS game cases - n' just keep the cartridges in easy-access.



Also got a kick-ass Amiibo display shelf...2 of 'em...one holds 9 Amiibo.







Insane assembly required.







Totally gonna replace that Chibi-Robo Amiibo w/ a Bowser Amiibo...


ANYWAY - one of my Nintendo swag shelves was at the point of overflow -



The Amiibo shelves totally frees up valuable space.  Work in progress...still a mess - but wanted to show the immediate difference.



HIGHLY recommended if ya just got too many damn Amiibo.  Deee-licious-looking display accessory / space saver.  20 bucks a pop - stacks 9.




Bonus Swag Shot.  (Was in the area)


"E'rbody who like collecting plastic say, 'Yeeeh!'"



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Say, 'yeeeh!'
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On 12/5/2017 at 4:25 PM, Axels said:

How's that HD 10 Newt? We have one in our store for 150 bucks (Might be gone, can't remember). Is it worth it?


I love it.

The OS is fast and works great.

Youtube/Netflix look great on it.

Web browser is great.

If you plan on buying one then wait for a sale because they often to go on sale for $100.


The HD 10 is the perfect size for comics:





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So I've decided to plunk down the ridiculous price of $120 for a Stan Lee autograph at this year's Wizard Con in NOLA. And I want to get Generalisimo Lee's John Hancock on a comic he actually wrote and started looking for an issue that was significant but wouldn't break the bank. Luckily I got a great deal on a FF#46--first cover appearance of ya boy Blackagar Boltagon--for Stan to sign. (Black Bolt's technical first appearance was in the very last panel of FF#45.)




A bunch more shots from inside the book in the spoilers for anyone interested...









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I'm currently reading that Ms. Marvel omnibus. So fun!! I'm endlessly amused by all the funny stuff happening in the background. Like names on magazines, food boxes, street signs. Really funny. Also, LOCKJAW! 

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16 hours ago, The NZA said:

pro controller & a few of those games alone would've warranted that +1, but that classic Mario Bros setup? really well done, man! 


Thanks, dude!  I can't stop staring at it...it's still just sitting there - LOL!  I don't know where it's finally gonna be 'put' - but...every time I walk by it...




11 hours ago, Iambaytor said:

Is Heroes Return Thor actually good?


Oh my goodness - I just got taken back to the Onslaught Saga / era.  BAM - animated movie right there.

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Image may contain: 3 people


I blame being a little stoned and over-stimulated by the Marvel hologram covers for the impulse purchase of the variant, but the time is right and I reckon this is the perfect book to introduce the kid to comics.


The plan was then to bag & board the variants for Til later and let her read/beat up the regular cover, but the Mastermind variant for issue two is a little creepy so she's gonna get the regular covers instead(still bagging that window box edition though).

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man, those look cool - as a huge Piskor fan for his hip hop family tree, i can't believe i've slept on these so far.  granted, i've been mostly bored of the X universe for like a decade now, but everything i hear says this could change that. 

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