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Hondosbar Pick-Up Post! Show Us Your Goods!


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That copy of Legend of Dragoon will be mine soon Scott. Wait. And. See.


Since I just realised I've amassed over the last few weeks what might conventionally be known as a 'haul' I'll throw a pic up, including some of the more choice/still photograple birthday presents.

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props on demons souls but you bought dark for the wrong system bro nice haul man!


1) is that new marvel encyclopedia good? i dug the older ones but they mostly just printed out their webpage, links and all.


2) holy fuck im so stealing that painting/poster/whatever next time

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That portrait's a Ben Cotter original rendering of the Ameriking. It's not going anywhere.


The Marvel encyclopedia's actually pretty cool. Nice art, fairly informative. I'll be honest, I've not had much of a chance to go through it extensively. The Cap Movie art book is amazing though.

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The mystic seer's been a fixture for a year or more, I actually thought i'd already posted that here. And indeed, the Ameriking portrait is so goddamned awesome it actually resides in the loungeroom(normally reserved for faggy prints and photos of people) so I forget it's there.

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you gotta read me those master system/mega drive games, man! looks like a good haul. is that a 4p saturn adapter?


also, if that PS spawn game is bad as i remember, don't forget that the dreamcast one redeems it!


The SMS games are;


The Ninja

Dynamite Duke

Wolrd Grnad Prix

Super Monaco GP

Time Soldiers

Submarine Attack

Joe Montana Football

MJ's Moonwaker

Speedball 2



The SMS, 3 Controlers and 10 games was only $60 too, Don't ask why they gave me 3 controlers.


That is the 6 Player adapter for Saturn, Bomberman anyone?


Yeah that Spawn game is pretty bad, I love the Dreamcast one. I thought I should have both in the collection.

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awesome haul! i never did get to play Dynamite Duke or the SMS of Time Soldiers (great game), much less that version of Moonwalker but i adore the genesis one.

also, you will never finish The Ninja. i got to the like second to last level, i wanna say - took fucking forever, just to have my balls stomped on.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Some movies I've picked up over the past few weeks. Basically just replenishing my old collection with BDs. Except with Thor and Rise of course.





Ok this one needed its own special pic and an explanation worthy of the Sans. Spreading the Gospel of Loggins here with Pip and Norton, a book almost 100% able to make you go out and kill a poor defenseless old lady in order to impress Barbra Streisand. (and where I got my 'tar from) its a pretty hilarious read.


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I'm Haku-ing axels a +1 for the Pip & Norton. I need to go read that again, like i do every few years.


So I picked up my birthday present from the wife today. The Skyrim collector's edition came with a few cool things. Namely, this:




and a big ass hardcover art book. It also came with a cloth map, which is cool, but useless.

That's not the present.


My wife went and had the map dry mounted and framed. It's pretty big.





Cool ass frame too. They go really well together.




Thank you too Special K! You're super.

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The weird part of the story is that those marks are invisible to the naked eye, you can only see them in a camera flash or a black light.

Weird college students had my apartment before me. When we first moved in, I stumbled into the kitchen in the middle of the night and thought I was seeing shit. Turns out there's glow-in-the-dark paint splattered on the ceiling above my oven. It looks like they wrote something in it then tried to scratch it out.


It either leads to treasure or it's a terrifying warning.

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Nice hauls, y'alls!


Logans, super sweet frame. I've never played nor will likely ever play Skyrim yet would proudly display that piece on my wall. Well done to Special K for finding such a thoughtful and stupendously awesome gift!


Newt, where to start? Out of all those movies/blu-rays, Band of Brothers has to be the diamond of the lot. I caught it on sale not long after I got my bluray player, and in my book it's the best blu-ray set out there. The footage is shot grainy, so it doesn't look as pristine as other films in bluray. However, the extra features are outstanding.


The TV looks great. I got a Sharp 3 yrs ago and love it. hat size is that screen? What made you decide to upgrade now instead of getting one on Black Friday?

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What's really fuckin' cool about playing with some of those gadgets and whatzits is randomly hitting buttons and turning knobs, which you have absolutely no knowledge of whatsoever, and then stepping back and going "My god...I just made a techno album! Accidentally!"


It's kind of like revealing the bullshitter behind the giant curtain. That generic shit is 90% equipment, 1% skill and 9% luck.

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You don't know how many albums I would have by now if I were able to record and mix decently. Hell I could make ambient albums in real time!! But yeah, once I really started getting into synths and stuff it made MOST electronic music seem like a joke. If you only knew how easy it was to come up with Trance, it would blow your mind.


Which makes me appreciate stuff like Aphex Twin, Venetian Snares, Atom Heart and all the whole Namlook/Shulze/Laswell albums, even more. Though to be honest with VSnares, he found a program and found a cool little thing he could do with it and has spawned everything since then, so he KINDA cheats, but he is still amazing for what he can create. ReNoise is a hell of a program too!


But getting back into the theme of the thread originally I offer up this...


Highschool of the Dead Vol1 Omnibus (I have a thing for Omnibus's now) My two copies of Star Wars: ToR; Batman Arkham City on PC; Fear and Loathing Criterion Edition; The Simarillion Illustrated version (I have the big LoTR illustrated version too); and the one on the far right that you can't see very well is a 1893 edition of Dante's Paradise and Purgatory with the Dore illustrations. It's a masterpiece of literature and art, Dore is hands down the best etcher I have ever seen in my life. I can post some of the illustrations from inside if anyone wants a look.


and I forgot about the Irresponsible Captain Tylor OVA Collection!! Finally get to see all of one of my favorite animes ever!

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