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Yeah, those aren't my favorite gauntlet designs either. Shin guards don't bother me as much. Ditto on the elongated cowl-ear love. Michael Turner drew 'em that way as well in the first Superman/Batman arc. I've got the DC Direct versions of Arkham Asylum Joker, Bats, and Harley as well. But this Square Enix bats is probably my favorite. Like you mentioned, the detail is insanely great, plus he's got another cape and other hands and accessories. It's like a mini-Hot Toy. It's probably usurped my Alex Ross B&W statue as the favorite Batman fig. in my collection.


The Square Enix Joker is a different story. I was rather disappointed in him. He's got some really great poses showcased on the back of the box, but I couldn't get him to remain standing in not one of 'em. Also, his arms and hands are maddeningly flimsy and fall off when trying to pose. It's odd how one company can put out two figures in the same line with such a disparity in quality.


The B&W two-pack I wasn't that blown away by, but I caught it on sale at Wal-Mart for $18. You can't beat that price w/ a stick. Especially w/ the TDKR 6" figs going for about that price for a single fig.



I bet he does, too. But I'll also wager our definition of "the right answer" is different as well. I'll let you know when I finish the book.


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Got my first volume of Absolute Sandman today. Not gonna bother posting a pic because you've surely all seen them on Newt's bookshelf.


3 more to do. Then all of my originals will be ready to start giving to my kid sometimes next year.

Yeah, that's right. He gets my hand-me-down individual issues and dog-eared trades, while I get fancy new hardcovers. This is how the world works.

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quite the haul this month, biggest in a while - not pictured: 32 GB memory card for the vita, BMO figure to keep the WU compnay, Adventure Time LE hopefully on its way from Target, Kung-Fu (NES - $5), and a couple surprises. thank god for overitme this month!


the only bummer was gamefly sending ZombiU and Sonic Racing 2 to my old apt, gonna try to sort that out tomorrow.

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Nice haul, Nickerlaus. That pic reminds me of that thread pointing out how all the movie posters were either blue or orange. Anyway, happy gaming.


Here is part of my Black Friday haul, I got a printer for my parents and the rest is in the mail...





I played Punch Out and Puss in Boots w/ my 5-yr-old nephew today. PIB is not for those who are out of shape, ie. me. And for Punch Out my nephew literally just shook the nunchuk and Wiimote up and down w/ the sustained energy that only a five-year-old child can manifest. He crushed me three games in a row. smh This is why I am not a gamer. :???:


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