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Persona thread - no new games, just vibes


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if P4 golden turns out like P3 portable, it'll be the new definitive version. shame i just beat that game, but it was amazing, even if i cant see myself replaying it (new-to-me stuff like 2, however...).


details on 5 cannot come quick enough.




Presona 4 will see a re-release three years after its original launch. This time, it's coming to PlayStation Vita.


Persona 4: The Golden is an enhanced port for Sony's new handheld, adding new characters, movie events, animated scenes, and more. It will include 1.5 times the amount of voice-overs seen in the PS2 version. Marie, voiced by Kana Hanazawa, is one of the new characters.


Out in Japan in spring 2012, it will utilize the "communications capabilities" of PlayStation Vita.


*edit 2 wait wtf an arcade fighter?


AndriaSang: This week's Famitsu has some major Persona announcements.


First, the game everyone was expected, a remake of Persona 4. Atlus is bringing the PlayStation 2 title to PlayStation Vita as Persona 4 The Golden. This new version adds a number of new features:


-A new character named Mary

-1.5 times the voice of the PS2 version

-Wireless support for calling on others to help you when you're about to die in a dungeon.

-Other elements that fans of the original requested

-New opening anime with new song from Shouji Meguro

-New animation movies


A release is set for Spring 2012.


A bit more surprising is Persona 4 The Ultimate In Mayonaka Arena. Atlus is teaming up with Arc System Works for a 2D fighter that will be released first for arcades in Spring 2012, then for PS3 and Xbox 360 in Summer 2012. The game is being developed by the BlazBlue team.


The Ultimate in Mayonaka Arena has a new story that takes place two yeas after the events of Persona 4. Characters from Persona 4 and Persona 3 will feature in the game.


Famitsu also has a few preliminary details on the next numbered entry in the series, Persona 5. Basic preparations for the game's development have been completed, with the usual staff members in place. That includes Katsura Hashino as director, Shigenori Soejima as character designer, and Shouji Meguro as main composer.




...huh. well, Chie's my main, then!




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i dont think you've played many JRPGs the last few gens, but persona/shin megami have been among the cream of the crop. if you enjoy a genre (even foreign!), announcements that its better efforts are getting more games is a good thing. also, how do you hate japanese game development? it's likely the only kind you played until you had an xbox.


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Wow this thread is uh, full of some bad Persona takes. Also, I thought there was more Persona news god damn it. I bought the fucking Ultamax port the day it was announced.


A used game shop right around the corner has a couple copies of P3P for $200 and I know as soon as I pull the trigger, they're finally going to announce the long-rumored Steam port.


I'm literally planning on playing P4G again the minute I get my Steam Deck.


Also, I need to change my flair to "P5R Is the only game I've platinumed"


Also also, I'm in deep. I just remembered I bought a HEE-HO shirt this morning. What the hell has happened to me...

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yeah sorry, we just need a persona catch-all thread i guess


PSP stuff shot up but i didnt know it went for that much, damn...you've played FES yeah? i was gonna say, that steam deck will prolly handle PCSX2 (or the newer emu) with ease, i know it's not a physical copy but it's a great way to play it. it's been forever since i ran through P3, crazy how that one changed up the series so much.


speaking of, i finally finished the 2nd half of P2 (eternal punishment) a year or two ago now, i really think it's a different beast than modern persona but the 2 parter is likely my favorite of the series so far.  still sad we dind't see an official release of that remaster here, but i hear a fan translation is still going. 


been meaning to either update the game music thread or just kinda make a "nice things to listen to and vibe" thread for all the sleepy JRPG youtube playlists ive been seeing, but this one prolly belongs here



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  • The NZA changed the title to Persona thread - no updates, just replay the old ones!

Haven't played FES yet. One way or the other, I'm saving it for the Steam Deck (I have a physical copy so it doesn't count as piracy). Haven't even touched the first two yet, but I'm also waiting for the fan translation, so....it might be a bit. Didn't stop me from buying the vinyl box set.


Also, an 8 hour playlist?! That's my new work jams

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Are you "I own the P5 and P5R soundtracks on vinyl" too into it? Are you "I waited 8 fucking months for a morgana plush preorder" too into it?


lol, are you "I have a lvl 99 drain Yoshitsune build" too into it?


I'm not gatekeeping, lol, I just wanna know if someone else has it as bad

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:lush: let's rank personas y'all


i personally kinda divide the series - 3 starts the social link system, which i think dramatically changes things.  animu romancing, after school clubs, things in town affected by your stats etc...it was really cool, balanced out the dungeon crawling to pad the game out but switch things up enough that you'd not find it too monotonous, a big problem i find in JRPG battling.  i usually put like 100 hours or so into the modern ones, and that's just to reach high 80s level and get a few really good ones (the top tier ones in the 90s are just 😭 )


Persona 1 - not gonna lie, i had this and traded it in back in the day.  the contemporary high school setting, the music and such are cool...but the game really doesn't hold your hand.  the manual talks about negotiating with demons, i wanna say, but not nearly enough...and there was no guide i could find back then.  like, no one had or talked about it, i just wanted a straightforward RPG before FF VII dropped and made them acceptable for more people, so i swapped this for Suikoden 1 and to this day have zero regrets, even if this game is now expensive as all shit


i should play the PSP remake one day and see if goes better, but i'll prolly bootleg that on my PSTV, because the portable version is also expensive as all shit


Persona 2: Innocent Sin - this is great, and the PSP remake is a fantastic way to play, with the quality of life changes & all (the map alone is so great).  like soul hackers, if feels peak mid to late 90s, and i just loved the cast here.  the gist of it is: something happens in your world, and now, the more people that believe in rumors, the more they start coming true.  this turns into something of an information war at some point in the game, as you start paying a rumor agency to do their thing and both affect the plot and sidequests.  i don't wanna say too much, but it's really cool.  it ends...how it ends.


and that ending goes directly into


Persona 2: Eternal Punishment - this is the only one we got for the PSX back in the day (how shitty is that?!  it's the 2nd part of the story!).  worse yet, the PSP remake this one got was left in japan ironically, though last i checked there's a fan translation that i'd argue is worth holding out for.  that said, i ran through the PSX copy (your save data doesn't cross over) and was still very glad i did

the two of these made for my favorite persona experience.  i know it's harder because there's no social links & all (and the difficulty on the stock versions can be rough at times) but the upsdie is that it's a lot darker, but in terms of actual demons (like in Shin Megami proper) and the overall plot. 

not even gonna look up what the PSX or PSP version of IS goes for but i imagine they're expensive as all shit


Persona 3: FES - this is the one i played,  portable adds a gender swap character, a link with Vincent (from Catherine!) and more so that's the definitive version these days.

again this one made all the changes, the setting is awesome and the soundtrack slaps.  i don't really have much negative to say here, it's been forever since i played it but it was so different at the time, and since i hadn't even managed to finish SMT3 yet at that point, it really got me onto Shin Megami & its spinoffs.  stills it right, its overdue for a remaster, or at least a porting to steam/etc


Persona 4 - i think i like this one best of the "modern" personas...the small town setting is great, and the midnight channel as a concept is cooler than the hidden hour of coffins thing P3 did, for me.  the cast is interesting, you could see atlus was kinda fumbling with LGBTQ stuff, but they were trying some of it before a lot of japanese devs were. 

i dind't play golden, because i'd already put like 100 hours into this.  also, don't be like newtype and look at the artbook, because it literally ruins the mystery of the endgame (and yes, there's multiple endings here too!)


Persona 5 - see, i waited years for this, so again, of course i didn't wait on royal.  everything's so highly stylzed here, from the opening to the menus, it's so cool!  i like the coffeehouse as the unofficial headquarters, and meguro yet again delivers on the OST.  the masked caper thing it went with is likewise really cool, even if i don't always think it held up. 

i don't like this one as much as 4, and i can't quite put my finger on why?  yeah, the game drags on 10-20 hours longer than it needed to, but i'd argue they all have since part 3 at least. 



so i guess for me it's 2 > 4 > 3 > 5 > 1, but that feels unfair to 5, it might be the 3rd spot for me.  also one knock i have on this series?  man, when a new one drops, the first part after the opening cutscene is like holy shit man, let me play or at least save, it's been like a half hour plus of just walking around and listening to people i really need to sleep damn atlus when does this thing start

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  • The NZA changed the title to Persona thread - no new games, just vibes

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