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Persona thread - no new games, just vibes


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at this point i'd really just love a port of the PSP eternal punishment - i played innocent sin and the quality of life updates (map, etc) and updated graphics + the more demonic SMT vibes & world were so unique


i get that it feels like a hard sell when much of the persona fanbase expects social links, but so much of the work is already done...just port those and the PSP remake of 1 to switch/etc and bam, whole series is modernized. double dip on a physical set, charge $100+, watch how fast it sells


then show a screenshot and fuckall else for years like you did with the desk and chains one of 5

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Sega is looking to expand further into film and TV by exploring potential live-action adaptations for games developed by Atlus.


In an exclusive reveal to IGN, Sega says that expanding storytelling forms is a new and important part of Sega's overall business strategy. This is why Sega is opening up Atlus' critically-acclaimed library of games — which includes series like Shin Megami Tensei, Persona, and Catherine — to potential live-action film and TV adaptations.


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