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great flick, great soundtrack.


also: possible sequel?


"A Life Less Ordinary" was your third and final film with Ewan McGregor – will we ever see the two of you work together again?


DB: Yeah, I think we will. He sent me a script recently of something he wanted to do. It didn’t really appeal to me as a director, but I definitely think we’ll work together again. We certainly have a plan for a sequel to "Trainspotting" as well, but that’s a way down the road, I think we’ll work together again before then, I hope we do anyway.


And that’s interesting that you would talk about a sequel to "Trainspotting" because every one of your films is something brand new, you reinvent yourself with each picture – would you be able to do that with a sequel?


DB: Oh, it’s gonna be so different. The idea of it is that take the same actors, playing the same characters, in the same time, so all that’s the same – but they’re forty. It’s middle aged and that’s what it becomes about. Like when you’re twenty you think you can do anything with your body basically, the risks you take. When you look back at what you’ve done you think oh my god and they hit forty and they can’t do that anymore. And it’s triggered by Begbie, the Robert Carlyle character comes out of jail. So you can keep him in jail for five years, ten years, fifteen, whatever the story needs. And in the book, cause Irvin Welsh had written a sequel to it, he escapes from jail. John’s done a preliminary draft of the script and he has this great escape from jail – it’s really cool. Very funny and very crazy and then he re-ignites the whole chain of friendship if you like, but they are now different guys trapped like so many people are really, trapped in their hometown.


Would you see all the original guys back, Ewan, Jonny, Robert...


DB: Yeah, that would be the deal is that we would all do it. So you’d have to pay everybody the same, we’d have to do it like a collective and share everything so that there was no...I think it would be wonderful to set it up like that. And it would also be about the audience who first saw the film cause they also would have aged and all those questions about am I gonna have kids, who am I gonna live with, what am I gonna do in my life, am I getting ill, all those things, it becomes about that. So it actually could be a really boring film, (laughs) the complete opposite of "Trainspotting!" But to address your question, it could be completely different from the original "Trainspotting."

28 months later would work, too.

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because DOJ demanded it: Deadline: Danny Boyle plans Trainspotting sequel as next film.


“All the four main actors want to come back and do it,” the director tells Deadline’s Pete Hammond, who caught up with Boyle at the Telluride after-party for the “work-in-progress” screening of Steve Jobs with Michael Fassbinder in the title role. “Now it is only a matter of getting all their schedules together which is complicated by two of them doing American TV series,” Boyle says.



Steve Wozniak On 'Steve Jobs': "I Felt Like I Was Actually Watching Him" - Telluride Film Festival

Prior to the first-ever public screening of Steve Jobs, Boyle received a medallion for his body of work, clips of which included a certain vivid public toilet-diving scene from Trainspotting. The long-anticipated and much-speculated sequel would follow by at least 20 years the ground-breaking 1996 Miramax release of Channel 4’s account about the grimly, grittily entertaining misadventures of drug addicts in Edinburgh (but film was shot mostly in Glasgow). The original was written by John Hodge, based on Irvine Welsh’s novel.


Stars of Trainspotting included Ewan McGregor (who told the Guardian in June that he was “up for” a sequel), Jonny Lee Miller, Robert Carlyle, Kevin McKidd (whose character died in the original), Ewen Bremner and Kelly Macdonald. As for the actors Boyle cited as working on U.S. TV shows, Miller appears in Elementary on CBS. Robert Carlyle, who said in July that a Trainspotting sequel is “closer than it’s ever been,” has been a regular on ABC’s Once Upon A Time. Kelly Macdonald appeared in HBO’s Boardwalk Empire. McKidd appears on ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy.

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