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And here was me thinking I'd only get blank looks with 'Ghost World'. Good on you people (although ultimately the comic was better but isn't it always?)


Can't say I've heard of Mystery Train SB, please expand. JMT, Armageddon never got a look in.


Probably my favourite movie of the bunch is 'The Big Lebowski' but performance wise, I'm gonna perhaps vote elsewhere. Ummmm.... :mmm:

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Big Lebowski gets my vote! I would have gone for Ghost World but i've only seen it the once so i don't think i'm in any position to pass judgement until i've seen it what?...10 times!


Fargo also came close, if only for the observation 'kinda funny-looking'. But out of all the charecters Donny was my favourite 'I am the walrus?' Though i guess it could only be classed as a cameo ???

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I voted Ghost World, as a movie The Big Lebowski is one of my favorites ever but Buscemi's performance in Ghost World beats it.


As for cameos, Buscemi has Adam Sandler movies, Coen Bros movies, Desperado, etc, can't think of any Macy cameos off hand. He deserves a poll too, and Happy, Texas has to be on it.

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