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i usually love when these things are done right, and we've had a few this gen - sadly, most of the ones ive dug didn't come over here. let's post them anyway!




yeah, kinda underwhelming for a MGS system, but gunmetal's cool and at least it doesn't attract dust.






gorgeous, all 6. and none came here. :misty:


in the 360 corner, some new ones:




again, the star wars one even brings sound affects. that's pretty cool. also, i dug the halo 3 one - not so much the system, but the controller looked cool.


from last gen, just found this one:




so dope, idve had to have that if i saw it in the day. also, the one that got away (way too expensive!)




if i had my pick from the PS3 ones, it'd be a tough call, though i lean towards Yakuza. what are your favorites?

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Why don't we get any cool ones over here? That Yakuza 3 one was badass...or hell even one of the FF13 ones...still better than the flat matte black one I have now. I had a DBZ sticker on my last ps3, but it died a horrible death. It was a 60gb too :sad:


What's that first ps3 from?


I'd prolly would have bought that Yakuza one if they'd ever of offered it over here. Do Jap ps3's have a selectable english interface? Any problems with importing one over here? My ps3 knowledge on that stuff is nil...

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mortis - damn, sorry to hear about your 60 GB. and yeah i dont know why we dont get them either, even the new Uncharted 3 one just brings the game, such a missed opportunity. the first image was the MGS4 limited Gunmetal PS3, i passed on it because i had one and also it wasn't BC.


importing here can be done (check play asia!), i dont know about the menus but im sure id sort it out, plus they're region free games anyway!


gun - good call. im not nearly the Tales fan you are, but man that one's sexy.

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Ah wow a Tales game I didn't know about. Fuck a 60gb, I'd give my right nut (it's slightly smaller) for that console!


But now between that one and the Yakuza 3 console...I'm a bigger Tales fan so Ill change my vote to that one.


Speaking of Tales games and 60gb, one of the reasons I didn't hunt another one down after I lost my first one is because Tales of Legandia is just about unplayable on the 60gb. Cutscenes and areas render fine, but when you get into any fight the background does some wierd stuff and looks like theres a video driver issue. I guess its one of those games not in the 97.3% or whatever the percentage is for backwards compatability. Plus it's cheaper to just buy a ps2 than spend the extra money on a 60gb vs a "normal" ps3.

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I got the Halo:Reach 360 mostly because of the cool sound effects. I wanted a slim, and the special edition one was right around the corner. I'd always prefer a console that isn't the standard model. The controllers are pretty cool too.




If that Star Wars one was out, and came with a Kinect-less option, I woulda grabbed that instead.


My original xbox was the clear neon green Halo version, it was cool as hell.




All that said, I'm barely even a Halo fan. I've played Reach for about 10 minutes. I just think they make cool consoles.

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i tend to agree - i really did want a halo green 360 controller at one point, i just dig that shade of olive. and that silver reach one always looked awesome to me too.


i love that OG xbox too cause like the N64's in the day, that see-through style feels like such a time capsule...i could swear i remember miyamoto saying the pastels & see-through options they did made it look more like a "toy" to him. the minute he uses that as something of a slight, you just know it means "dont expect these colors next time".


also, totally with you on different colors! i dont really need to have my entertainment unit all white or black. i remember thinking it was balsy of the GC to step out the gate in a ghetto color like purple.

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Comments: First off, yes. It's cool. Much better than something I could make out of a piece of tupperware.


But it's barely portable. I mean, it is...technically. Just like an atlas is. But not comfortable portable. And that exposed disc spinning on the back makes me nervous as hell.


Still waiting for one of these:


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