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So you would rather have to track down gamecube games that will eventually get scratched and messed up and replaced as opposed to loading a file of the same game? I know it isn't the same as having a portable gamecube, but it is much more efficient I would say.

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This is my gamers case, which is an Antec case. Has 2 front fans, a top fan, and a back fan. It also has LED's inside but it is hard to see because of the flash. The system is an ASUS 3.4GHz 8gb DDR3 ram, 1 terabyte HD with a GTX 560 TI OC video card (1 gb vid ram) fun times!

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i like the blue clamshell one personally - kinda tired of plain white/black devices when there's other options (OG baller-ass purple gamecube!). my dark blue DS lite is a better shade though, admittedly.


that one's a good start, but the NES color scheme was never really that good, so i think it looks kinda meh if you don't nail it down right. see, when they did it officially, i thought it looked awesome:




me, im just sad we don't get more special edition ones - again this Fire Emblem one would look great on an XL:




even the box is sexy.

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