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DLC is as fine a place as any to start.


Remember the unlockable Paintball mode in Goldeneye? it's now a Gamestop exclusive


“For online multiplayer, paintball is exclusive to Gamestop consumers, you can’t get it without an unlock code,” said the rep. “It’s still available as an offline mode for Mi6 Ops missions.”


Okay, fine. Maybe Activision’s simply planning to roll this out as downloadable content, as has been standard practice this generation.


“All DLC is TBA [to be announced], nothing is confirmed yet,” said the rep.


If you're playing online and the host has paintball turned on, you'll see it, too...which means it's on the disc.


not as bad, but still not great: Batman online pass unlocks Catwoman




UPDATE: Warner Bros. has confirmed to Eurogamer that the Batman: Arkham City VIP pass unlocks playable Catwoman content. On Xbox 360 the Batman VIP pass costs 800 Microsoft Points. On PlayStation 3 it costs £7.99.


Warner issued Eurogamer the following statement: "Further to your story, players who purchase previously owned copies of Batman: Arkham City can access the playable Catwoman content for £7.99/ 800 Microsoft Points.


"Playing as Catwoman is not required to complete the game."


ORIGINAL STORY: The Batman: Arkham City online pass unlocks Catwoman as a playable character, it has been revealed.


Streams of the game being played reveal that Catwoman is only playable for those who have bought a new copy of the game or buy a code.


"Catwoman is a unique character with her own story, moves, and weapons. Unlock Catwoman by redeeming the 1st purchaser included in the game case or by visiting Xbox Live Marketplace," says the game's title screen.


Eurogamer has had this verified by a source.


Batman: Arkham City's VIP pass unlocks four story scenes that feature Catwoman as a playable character.


It also unlocks Catwoman as a playable character in challenge mode (called Riddler's Revenge).


Without the VIP pass code, Catwoman still appears in the game as part of the story, but her playable missions remain locked.


Meanwhile, reports indicate the Xbox 360 version has been leaked online and is available to download from torrent sites.


Those who wish to avoid story spoilers are advised to watch new gameplay videos with caution.


Eurogamer has contacted publisher Warner Bros. for comment.



i figure, let's start it off with the annoying stuff, before getting into shit like when gun finds out the new Tales game is for Mobage.

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yeah, Rock Paper Shotgun did a series of exposes on this - back in the spring, EA said this was a "glitch" or the like and it wouldnt happen anymore, still does, as logan showed. forum bannings can kick you from your single player shit - this is why i dont fuck with Origin. seriously considering Mass Effect 3 on 360 for this.


you know what else they do? was just reading this on GAF: online passes expire if you buy the game new, but later on when it's cheap. that's right! not only do they kick the servers offline after a few years, your pass on a new game can run out. keep on shining, EA! :cheerleader:

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Downloadable games being released without demos is pretty fucked up, especially when the game turn out like this:


Amy was mostly panned by critics.

IGN gave the game a 2/10, with reviewer Colin Moriarty stating at the end of his review that he had "spent at least a dozen hours with Amy, got as far as the end portion of the fifth chapter, and gave up out of sheer anger and frustration."[5]

Game Informer's Jeff Cook gave the game just one point higher (a 3/10), and stated that "as a downloadable title, I wasn't expecting Amy to measure up against the triple-A juggernauts of the survival horror genre. However, I was expecting a game that was at least playable and contained some kind of entertainment. Make no mistake: Whether Amy is delivered to you via download, retail SKU, direct brain wave, or retinal implant, it is terrible and should be avoided."[6] Jim Sterling of Destructoid went as far in his review as to describe Amy as "one of the worst games ever made", giving it a 1.5/10.[7] Blistered Thumbs writer Amanda K gave the game a 2/10 saying that the game "repetitious gameplay", and saying that "there’s something about AMY; it really freaking blows. In fact, it’s effectively comparable to a colonblow because you’ll likely shit your drawers after realizing you paid $9.99 for a game less responsive than AOL dial-up."[8].

Gaming XP gave Amy the rating of 76/100 , currently the highest rating of any media review stating, " Amy rises above the zombie splatter masses with protagonist Lana really coming across as a desperate young woman rather than yet another survivor who's practically a Navy SEAL and can mow down anything anyway" [9].

The game currently holds a rating of 22% for the Xbox 360 version[10], and a 36% rating for the PS3 version[11] on Metacritic.





I can see a few people getting upset after shelling out 10 bucks for such a supposedly shitty game. All DL titles should be required to have a demo.

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such a fuckin disappointment too, i had my eye on that one.


i entirely agree about DD games needing demos - from what i read a while back (could be wrong here) sony claims they don't all have them because unlike XBL (which is its own source of revenue, so as i understand it, MS hosts said demos), the developer has to flip for keeping said demo online, so many simply don't. i guess i follow it on their end, but they gotta know it translates to fewer sales.

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Thought I was Loading a Skyrim save..... I was overwriting with a shittier game




Really just a minor annoyance (only at level 10). But I haven't done that in a long time, and that bugs me more cause I thought I was more careful than that. Back to the creation board!

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