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This is a show played late Sunday nights at 10:30pm on Cartoon Network on Adult swim. Great show. Not cutting edge animation wised, as with most American animation, but this is the funniest thing to be drawn since Family Guy, hands down. It is about a city called Hill Valley. There's the Hills, where all the rich people live, and the Valley, the Hils' landfill and sewer runoff, where the poor people live. Everyone in the Valley has some sort of mutantion or is mentally-deranged. The Oblongs include the father, Bob, voiced by Will Ferrell, and has no arms or legs, but is unnaturally chipper all the time. The mother, is from the Hills and is a bald alcoholic. Milo, the star it would seem, has ADD and a kind of lazy squinty eye. Older brothers to Milo are Biff and Chip, conjoined twins who are always disagreeing. And quiet little sister, Beth, with something growing out of her head, looks like a flesh-tone pickle.




Lot of great B-characters (my favorite: the Debbies), like The Simpsons and Family Guy and they've really built up quite a good set up for only 12 episodes so far.


Some of my favorite lines:


Bob: How bad is it?

Doctor: Terrible, I can't tell where on of them starts and the other ends.

Bob: You doo know they are conjoined twins, right?

Doctor: ...oh...well then, it's not THAT bad then. But it's still pretty bad.

Old Woman holding a bible: Police! Arrest that woman, she's an unfit mother!

Policeman 1: Well, she is white.

Policeman 2: And holding a bible.

Policeman 1: We better do what she says.


If you want some episodes, and have an ftp, I can send some to you if you like. People need to see this show.

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