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So, it's that time again. Rockstar games, the people whose video game cinematic ability is largely unrivaled, is rolling out a new installment of their flagship series. We're in Los Angeles San Andreas this time, no less. I have to say, that trailer looks pretty sweet, as their trailers often do. Clearly the game will play like every other Rockstar sandbox game, but look how pretty it's going to look!

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I think Mal means San Andreas ^ This guy gets it.


And while I've learned to give this current run of Rockstar titles(GTAIV notwithstanding) a wide berth on account of what I would call lazy design, they tend to bring it when it comes to, as Mal also said their flagship title. I just remember every GTA release right up to the 'Stories' set being a remarkable step up from the last one, and even before the world got sick of Liberty City & R* just started Copy/pasting the sandbox and reskinning everything with horses & hookers it was a definite step up from San Andreas or Vice City Stories(whichever was last in the series on console. Not Chinatown Wars). I really hope they bring the ruckus with this one. And by ruckus I mean innovation.


On San Andreas itself, I'm a little bummed that they skipped the pattern and didn't do Vice City next, but I guess Miami doesn't offer such low-hanging fruit in terms of easy jokes/social commentary. Expect plenty of hipsters.

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Saints Row is like Earth-2 Grand Theft Auto. Where Grand Theft Auto abandoned the more cartoony aspects in favor of a more real form, Saints Row 3 has a gun that shoots squids. Saints Row, much like its spiritual predecessor (in my mind, anyhow) Total Overdose is ridiculously fun and you can spend hours just fucking about, which is a good quality for a sandbox title. The problem comes to the actual story missions, GTA has been bringing the rain in that category across the charts with unique missions and moments that beg you to replay the storyline numerous times, Saints Row you can just play on the first play-through forever and there's really no hurry or enjoyment in the story. Admittedly the plane mission in the new one looks like a shitload of fun, but we'll see how many like that there actually end up being in the finished product. And it's a given that the story itself will blow Saint's Row away, most GTA games would make good movies which isn't the case at all with Saint's Row. In the end it's like comparing Clive Barker and Stephen King, they both do the same thing roughly but they do it so differently that pitting them against each other just hinders your enjoyment of both.


In other news I'm really excited about this, glad to see we'll be making another trek to San Andreas and I hope they include San Fiero at least because in a world of Just Cause 2's a big ass map is an actual necessity. I'm just glad we're not going back to boring-ass Vice City.

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When complaining about Rockstar games, everybody needs to remember that Rockstar is a large company like EA and that there are several development teams withing. Rockstar North, formerly DMA Design (AKA the people who made Lemmings), has been responsible for all the games (though I think they subcontracted for Liberty/Vice City Stories) as well as both of the Manhunt games. They may have been involved with Red Dead Redemption but I don't think they were.

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You forgot their greatest contribution to gaming: Unirally. Seriously one of the funnest and most impressive-looking games on the SNES.


No love for Vice City? I'm a little sad that they're doing another current-times game because it's going to end up another life-sim almost. Let's hope they took feedback about needy fucking NPCs this time though.


Idunno, I just dug the shit out of VC & SA because they were these rich little time capsules of bygone eras, and atmospheric as hell. GTAIV was an amazingly in-depth tapestry of events, locations and people but after a while it just gets samey. I guess I just like nostalgia because, as Alan Moore says it's an easy substitute for genuine emotion.

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i'm just really lazy about these things, especially during the deluge of titles we have coming out this week alone.


i mean, a GTA trailer - do i really have to hurry and watch this? it's like these newfangled kids and their austin powers movies; i'm gonna see it eventually whether i mean to or not.

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Let's just carry on like old man NZA's not watching


I can see they're gonna work Real Estate into the equation, that worries me a little and makes me think of Fable. ANything that takes a page out of Molynuex' playbook isn't going to be good. Having said that I have fond memories of being a club owner in Vice City, and given the chance in San Andreas? I'm opening the Snakehole Lounge

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The game’s three main characters are named Michael, Trevor and Franklin. Michael is a retired bank robber in his 40′s, whilst Trevor is a hard head who’s always ready for a heist and pretty much controlled by drug use. Finally, Franklin is a hustler who works in a luxury car dealership.

All three are playable and GTA V allows you to switch characters at any time by pulling up a menu that spans out into a “Google Earth” type view. This provides you with the opportunity to drop right into the selected character’s location.


The characters will also do missions co-operatively, as the article details the trio rappelling down the side of a sky scraper for a snatch and grab assault, with the rappelling mechanics said to be reminiscent of Rainbow Six Vegas. Once they breach as a unit, the currently controlled character grabs the designated hostage with one arm, and points a gun at the interrogators with the other. At this point the player can then decide to switch characters if they wish to do so.


The getaway involves the player snatching a helicopter, which throws up a range of player choices. You can choose to switch to another character who’s sniping from a different building, pilot the helicopter personally, or take control of the character with an assault rifle who can be found shooting out of the back. One important note from the article is that the music followed the tone of the action, which happens to be a first for the GTA series.


While playing as one character, the other character will live their daily lives until you take control of them again.


The shooting mechanics in GTA V have essentially been built from the ground up, although we can expect great comparisons to the cover and shoot combat featured in Max Payne 3. Melee combat has also been improved, and while it’s not as big of a focus as gunplay, Rockstar wants to make sure, ” it feels really fun and strong.” Cars, according to Rockstar in GTA IV, were a bit “boat-like” and have been reworked to feel more like those you’d find in a arcade racing game.





What will probably be the most intriguing detail for you readers however, is that Los Santos is bigger than the locations of Red Dead Redemption, San Andreas and GTA IV combined.




RPG elements that were found in San Andreas will not be making an appearance however, but you can customize clothing.




The dynamic mission system that was introduced in Red Dead Redemption will play a great part in player approach for GTA V. If the dynamic mission system is unknown to you, it’s essentially random events that happen throughout the world, providing the player with a more… dynamic… experience. The GI article gives examples such as helping out a broken down motorist, finding criminals, or even ripping off cash vans. Finally, the economy will play more of a prominent role in GTA V, but the player won’t be involved in the purchasing of property like in past GTA games.






Dissapointed we're not getting a San Andreas Redux, but it sounds like it will probably be a good game in it's own right. I just really want those RPG elements back. FUCK YO PLOT.


Lots of pics in the link.

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