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Life's Too Short


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Thursdays 21:30 on BBC Two and airing in the US on HBO in 2012.


About Life's Too Short




Life's Too Short is a new seven-part series for BBC Two written by Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant, and starring Warwick Davis.


The series centres on Warwick Davis, who is one of Britain's pre-eminent dwarf actors. It is an observational comedy following Warwick's day-to-day frustrations, but still managing to find the optimism and warmth in a small world where big things happen.


Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant will also make an appearance as themselves.


Ricky Gervais said: "Third in our trilogy of TV sitcoms, Life's Too Short is another naturalist observational comedy, dealing with everyday problems, human foibles and social faux pas... but with a dwarf."


Warwick Davis said: "I am absolutely thrilled that the BBC has 'green-lit' the first series of Life's Too Short. For me, it is my dream acting job. I will be collaborating with the very best in the business – the BBC, who produce the finest television in the world, and Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant, who are without doubt the best comedy writer/directors there are (they've won a couple of awards!)." Previews & Clips

Clip: Johnny Depp confronts Ricky Gervais



BBC Official Page

Ricky Gervais "Life's Too Short" Page




Warwick Davis... as Himself

Ricky Gervais... as Himself

Stephen Merchant... as Himself




Guest stars...


Johnny Depp


Liam Neeson

Helena Bonham Carter

Steve Carell

Cat Deeley

Sophie Ellis-Bextor

Les Dennis

Keith Chegwin

Shaun Williamson




Ricky Gervais: 'Bring on the haters' - The Guardian



There is a lot of falling down, a lot of height gags – he can't reach the doorbell – which play both on the delusions of the hero and the inadequacy of the people around him and which, Gervais predicts, will no doubt be Taken Wrongly. "People are straight away thinking it's going to be a cruel comedy – why? Why do they assume that? It's their prejudice. People confuse the subject of a joke with the target of a joke."

Ricky Gervais: We're laughing at Warwick's character because he's a pretentious liar... not because he's a dwarf - The Sun



Ricky says: "We're making fun of Warwick's character because he's manipulative, pretentious, he's got a chip on his shoulder and thinks the world owes him a living. He's a liar.


One of the staples of British comedy is the blind spot — the difference between how someone perceives themselves and how the rest of the world sees them.


David Brent thought he was an amazing raconteur, funny and wise. We knew that wasn't the case and that's why we're laughing.


It's the same with Warwick. One minute he's saying he's this sophisticated dwarf about town and the next he's falling out of his car. Warwick Davis Interview - “Merchant has a much harder time than I do”












might have to check this one out, never did get around to An Idiot Abroad and Ricky's own show.

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