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10th Anniversary Awards ballot box

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Aarty and Benny, Best Couple.

You'll always need a brain, in my eyes.  

First off I am not new, well I am, but I was here a while back. You can catch some of my raving insights into exactly what Megadeth is and is not here... http://www.hondosbar.com/forum/index.php?/top

No Panch Mort, drama is bullshit, and we've been blessedly free of it for a bit now.


That said, I think some of those could be fun. The tricky part is that we could only nominate those of us who can take a punch, and someone's bound to nominate someone who doesn't want to get hit.


Then, shitstorm.

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Well I figured most people could take a joke. And those with the powers would be wise enough NOT to award something like "Biggest Cunt" to say Rachel or Star or someone who is generally nice. Plus I was mostly just puttng them out there to stir up some ideas for others, didn't expect any of them really to make it.

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  • Most Valuable Poster - NZA
  • funniest - Logan, Hakujin
  • biggest bitch -
  • best thread - Hondo's Pictures We've Gone & Done, Xtranormal, Interview With A Hondonian
  • best couple -
  • rookie of the year/best newjack - Master Star, Mort
  • most helpful - Aarty
  • hondo's underdog - Ly
  • best troll... - Gene Shallit

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This asshole awards do give me an idea though.


I'm officially announcing that I will be hosting my own awards ceremony in the xtranormal thread, to coincide as closely as possible with the official ones.


So keep the suggestions coming, I'll intercept the ones that fit my needs. :villain:

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fuck yes...


I think we need a bravest hondonian award for a legit one.


cockiest also? literally of course.


Stupidest Face for another asshole award. perhaps it needs its own thread so people don't get confused. and of course to peeve that goose nazi nza

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10th Anniversary noms

  • Most Valuable Poster - Nick, Jax, Skeet, Baytor, 2track, Jont, Arch,
  • smartest - Jumbie
  • funniest - Baytor, Skeet, Nick, 2track, Jont, Rain.2.Skies
  • best looking guy/gal - Boogie/ Lottie, LL, Master Star, Lobo,
  • biggest bitch - Panch, Arch, Doj, Skeet, Jax
  • best mod - Nick, Arch
  • best thread - Xtranormal, Hondo's pics that we gone and done and others from the past I'll add later
  • best couple - Aarty and Benny, Nick and Sen, Skeet and Arnah, SOF and Nanno
  • rookie of the decade/best newjack - KaraSwims, Sen, ASC, Boogie, Haku, Lipala
  • most helpful - Nick, MH, MH, Aarty (In real life Jax , Sen and DOJ (not that they're unhelpful on here))
  • hondo's underdog - Ly, Newt, Dr. G, Vagrant,
  • best troll... - Superman Red, Rexorcist, Blaze Byrne, MM, DA8, Mama Wolf,
  • most improved? - DOJ
  • Best thread - will fill in later when I have time

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if you guys wanna do wacky/asshole awards, i'm not gonna stop you. logans did mention that ideally you'd have those with thicker skin, but sometimes the biggest assholes are such because they lack it. it's a fine line but ya'll can have a side-show if the peanut gallery doesn't shit on the seats.


we've got one week to get this thing together, and while ASC had some good noms, i still think there's a bit of potential mixup here.


1) with few exceptions, we almost certainly cannot do both 2011 and best of the decade. if we stick with just the latter, again, we run the risk of having a bunch of names no one from the last 2-3 years really knows. worse yet, those who have been a big part of this place during said timeline could be gypped.


2) i know better than to take these things too seriously, but quantifying things like best thread of the decade is gonna be hard and ive no idea how to go about it - in my mind it'd really only work with dudes like logan who've gone back & read a lotta what came before.

for lesser ones like hottest, would you guys just rather we take the past winners who are still active or reachable? in that example, id feel weird grabbing a facebook pic of a dude who's not currently active.


id really like to see something exciting like BEST OF THE WHOLE SHEBANG going on but i dont know how to run both concurrently, and i don't know if its cool to leave off/diminish our current crowd for figures from the past. they're your awards people, you tell me how you want it to play out!

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Couldn't anniversary awards/polls simply be collated results from the last however-many Hondies, and pre-that Loggins and the Autism crew can scour through the 3-4 years for standout characters? Link each nomination to a defining thread or somesuch?


Was one of the big new innovative changes a better search engine? :troll:

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from what ive seen, search was improved but it's not quite ideal yet.


okay, but lets use smartest. that's who, me, jumbie, bish. LL, def, few others? half that crowd is active right now. you start getting into a lotta the '04 crowd (and earlier) and you're getting names that havent been around in years, godforbid we talk about MM. and to be honest, with the various projects for this place i have on deck, i'm not gonna go searching through all of it for highlights.


i think it's perfect for best troll, could be remedied with your method for best thread, and if we only use current and past winners who're somewhat active for say hottest that's done with pics anyway. funniest? smartest? these are often cumulative ones, so i think it's tricky here. and while i like MVP for that because then it's not in loggins' greasy hands i don't know what to do with that one either, because an MVP from 3 years ago who doesnt post right now feels like an odd name to put on the ballot. still, if that's how you guys want it, i suppose it's doable.



  • Most Valuable Poster- Loggins,


  • Most Valuable Poster Logans


  • Most Valuable Poster ...Logans


  • Most Valuable Poster - Thelogan,



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Well that's the wretched dichotomy you deserve for piggybagging decade awards onto regular awards.


What if the polls relate strictly to 2011 activity with a few separate qualifying questions for the greater decade(because be honest- discounting the people who're going to swan over to cash in on nostalgia power, how many pre-Metalheart posters do we have?), and simply let the numbers/prior awards speak for most of the decade stuff with those mentioned qualifying questions to fill the blanks.


Look at it this way: regardless of circumstance folks like Sibob & 2Track deserve nods and if I'm being honest, funniest of 2011 is most definitely a different vote to funniest of the decade. I can cast my mind as far back as 2003 or so, but i might still be confusing some of that with Preacher's so Idunno.

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Being a newer poster to the forum I think that the decade awards should be held, because you guys always refer to shit that happened and people who posted here years before I even knew this place existed, so it would be nice to have some clarity as to why MM or 2Track was so memorable. SO even if they aren't around still knowing who they were helps a little for us noobs who haven't been around since 2001.

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I don't get the best mod award. None of us do anything for the most part. Nick himself has said its nothing but a name over the door nod of respect for the most part.


Well then accept it and be happy that you get your nod and an extra nod as an award...sheesh.


Lots of people get award for not doing a whole lot.


I'll have you praising Liefeld and pinned before you can blink.


I take it this is a very bad thing and/or an unpleasant experience?


Smartest: La Lindsay

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Oh god, youve really gotta catch up on some MusicManiac. Its good readin.

We should have a cliff notes Hondos History for shit like this.


I support this statement. Especially the last bit.


I take it this is a very bad thing and/or an unpleasant experience?

Rob Liefeld is an individual in the comic book industry. He's not well liked here. Or other places, for that matter.

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**Most Annoying Replier** I nominate myself



**Best Argument/Retort** Haku and his Jabroni schtick


**Best at being their own stereotype** Archangel


**Person who replies the most, but says the least** DoJ



Couldn't resist it.


Ya know I love choo all rilly!

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  • Most Valuable Poster - NotArch1-15, Logan, MM
  • smartest - Jumbie, NotArch15 (nigga's a member of MENSA)
  • funniest - Axel, JZA, Logans, NotArch4
  • best looking guy/gal - Lulu, Master Star, CalroLund, NotArch9
  • biggest bitch - Jax and NotArch5 (he's such a dick)
  • best mod - Nza the Tyrant
  • best thread - Hondos pictures that we gone and done
  • best couple - JZA/Arnah, Benny/Aarty, NotArch2/NotArch10
  • rookie of the year/best newjack - (Who's new again?) Lipala
  • most helpful - NZA, MH,
  • hondo's underdog - ASC, Arnah, NotArch7
  • best troll... - Juggalo Pete, DeadHeLaughed, MultiplicationOfSadness
  • most improved? - Lorelei, NotArch12
  • best thread hijack -

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okay, so we're sticking with 10th anniversary awards, but i'm thinking we're only gonna put a few topics - best thread, best troll, etc; ones that can easily be checked on/linked to etc - for best of the decade. i thought about it and cant sort out how to do the others (MVP, smartest, hottest etc) without both a lotta linking/homework and having said member present, which isn't a given.


since we've got so many noms here for 2011 i'll focus on that, and throw in the best of the last 10 years where i can. still taking ideas though, at least through the weekend!

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