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Ask Crimsonfire Things About Ireland


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what do the Irish think of the Scots? do you consider yourselves somewhat cousins of sorts?


Traditionally, yes. We (Irish, Scottish and Welsh) see ourselves as somewhat closely related. We're all Celts and we all hate England :D


And a question relevant to the thread, what would be the most popular tea in Ireland and what's the methodology for making a proper "cuppa"?


We drink Irish breakfast tea (essentially English breakfast tea, but fuck England :2T: ), traditionally we would brew it in a pot using two to three tea bags. Throw in a splash of milk and a sugar or two if you're that way inclined.

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When I lived in Scotland, I asked about the egg thing as well. FYI - mayo and all other egg type things over taste unbelievably better than here. (I wasn't vegan yet in Scotland, just veg). I hate the taste of mayo here, but other there it was delicious. Salad dressings even tasted different. But yeah, the eggs taste much, much fresher over there compared to the ones here.


Also, in the winter, it was so cold we used the outside as a fridge (since the fridges over there are really tiny).

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Never thought about the egg thing. I remember they put them in the fridge in Australia because it's like a million degrees and they wouldn't keep otherwise. Probably the same story in America. It's weird because when we buy them in the supermarket we bring them home and put them in the fridge :huh:

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Yeah once or twice. They're hard to miss. There was also a few traveller kids in the church getting their first communion on the same day as me. They were the ones wearing their "sunday best" tracksuits as opposed to a suit and tie like the rest of us. I don't go out of my way to be around them though, they're a crafty bunch to say the least. Snatch was scarily accurate. Ask ASC about them heh. He'll give you the Irish version of "I fuckin' hate pikeys!"


Most beautiful I've seen would be the view of Dublin city from the mountains. Breathtaking. Many would argue the cliffs of Moher but I haven't seen them. Kilkenny also looks like a postcard picture in real life. Here's a few pics:


Dublin at night is amazing. Apart from the people of course.




Kilkenny Castle




Cliffs of Moher



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Ask ASC about them heh. He'll give you the Irish version of "I fuckin' hate pikeys!"


In the news today


A video of part of the race, on the main Cork to Mallow road, has been uploaded to YouTube and to a number of other social media websites.

The road is one of the busiest commuter corridors in the country, handling an average of more than 15,000 vehicles per day.

At around 7am last Saturday morning, part of the road was turned into a race track involving two horses pulling distinctive two-wheeled sulky carts and riders.

The dangers were obvious. At one stage, four vehicles lined up across the road. At another, one of a number of following vehicles narrowly missed an on-coming articulated lorry and trailer.

Several cars travelling in the opposite direction to the race had to drive onto the hard shoulder, as other drivers overtook the riders.

Gardaí were contacted and the race was stopped. They say a full investigation is now under way.

Gardaí are appealing to motorists who were on the Cork/Mallow between 7am and 8am last Saturday to contact them.

They say they have identified a number of the people involved and say they are satisfied they are members of the Traveller community.



This is just the tip of the fucking iceberg, pretty much every person I have ever spoken to about travellers have either not met one or hates/dislikes or at least distrusts them.


I have so many stories, but I don't have the time to go into all of them, I'll give you a few though.

A good friend of mine who used to work with Limerick County Council, told me about the family that would come nearly every week with their screaming kids in tow, demanding more social welfare payments...the family pulled up in a span new Jeep. The same family was collecting dole payments in several different locations, because as travellers they didn't have to provide a fixed address. This isn't even close to an isolated incident.


Close to me, the same County Council built a housing estate and gave them to a traveller community for free, the reason? Because they kept illegally trespassing on peoples property, the government gave them free houses so that they'd stop breaking the law.


There are schemes set up that basically, if you can prove you are a traveller you can attend any University course you want without meeting the qualifications.


On a more personal side of things, my brother used to be a manager of a petrol station, and the neighbouring traveller kids (the ones living in the free houses) would come into his shop and steal sweets and crisps...every...fucking...time they entered the shop. He would have to physically throw them out at least once a week. My brother left that position and a friend of mine also working there took over throwing them out, one night after locking up the shop a group of adult travellers jumped him and put him in hospital.


The worst though has to be the day, while at work in a call centre office, I look out the window and see the most disgusting thing I've ever seen. I saw two adult travellers (I assume fathers or older brothers) forcing two children (no more than eight) to fight while one of them recorded it. When one of the children fell to ground crying, the "winner's" father encouraged him to continue to beat and kick the child, the "losing" child's father? Shouted abuse at him for losing. Our security guard went out and stopped it but they ran off, no doubt to continue this disgusting shit elsewhere.


People, especially those that have never met a traveller hear me say "I hate Travellers" and look at me as if I said "I hate niggers". I completely understand though as I used to be one of them, until I met a Traveller and another and another, every single encounter at least unnerving, abuse screamed at you (by someone you've never seen before in your life) that sort of thing. There are two reasons why it's different to lumping all black people together based on a personal negative experience, 1. There are simply so many cases of this, and 2. They are all raised with the same mindset, that they're discriminated against (which they were to be fair) and that the country owes them...whatever they want...for nothing.


So yeah


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Well said. I was being forced to watch My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding with someone and they were driving around looking for a field to halt in. They eventually found a green area in a housing estate not 20 feet from peoples back gardens. She starts saying "Oh it must be horrible for them getting kicked out after a few days. It's their heritage blah blah blah". I thought Fuck their heritage. If they didn't leave behind filth and rubbish everywhere they went, cause a spike in the crime rate, be a general eyesore etc then I might have pity for them.


You're right. They're scum.

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