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lotta remakes this year, many of which i love - RE4, MGS3, SOTC etc but this was an amazing year for gaming even if we leave those off. i still think this was the busiest holiday season yet, 2012 looks eventful but i hope the list is half as good when it's over.


Yakuza 4 had it on lock for me earlier this year, though Portal 2 was topping a lotta lists. my current vote goes to Dark Souls for the same reason Los loves marvel vs capcom and many adore COD: i dont know if there's any game this year i'm gonna put 120+ hours into, much less enjoy nearly that much. might withhold my vote till i finish Zelda just in case, though.


what about you?

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How the hell you gonna put The Old Republic on there when it won't even be released until the 20th? Like 10 days right after an MMO's launch will tell you ANYTHING about the game...and where are the RPG's??


Not to mention the new EDF game, or any other pc exclusive games beside Minecraft, which isn't officially out yet, still beta (iirc).

A few others I think you overlooked...

Bejeweled 3

Crysis 2

IL2-Sturmovik: Cliffs of Dover

Heroes of Might and Magic 6


The Witcher 2 (come on really?? Do you not own a pc NZA??)

Gran Turismo 5

Forza 4

Shadows of the Damned (you all were cumming all over it when it came out)

Killzone 3

Radiant Historia

Warhammer 40K Dawn of War 2 Retribution

Dragon Age 2

Mortal Kombat


Now not all of those are GOTY material, but a little more variety would help cause as of right now my GOTY goes to The Witcher 2, which isn't even on the list....for shame :mumble:

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Even nominating Bejewelled 3 seems like such a Jax move.


Sadly most of the games on that list are sitting on my desk waiting for attention while I slave away to study and Saints Row the Third. I'm reserving voting until I've spent some time with Uncharted 3 & Skyrim. They're the big toss up for me. Only because it's unfair to even compare the amazing experience of Gears 3 to any other game ever made, even other Epic games.

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How the hell


dude, for real? i couldve put every single release up there, and i do feel bad for forgetting Witcher 2 was this year so up it goes - but Rage, Mortal Kombat and so many others you mentioned...no, not unless someone insists that was their vote. even Shadows of the Damned was a lot've fun but stands like 0% chance next to a number of those other titles.


it's a time-honored tradition on hondo's to make a poll and have the first reply whine about a bunch of options no one was going to use, so i get it. again, if you honestly wanna vote for one of those, write it in and ill add it. otherwise, im not going over the list of every steam, ios etc game just to make 50 options.

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i still have a gifted copy of that one i have to get around to playing.

for real though, minecraft is a fucking blast if you get with the right community. my efforts to get a thing going over here haven't gone so well, but it's amazing what can be done with a team. even your deep-rooted love of breaking games would find a home, methinks.

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Yeah I just picked a bunch of games I liked better than a bunch o the games you had put up or I hadnt gotten aroundto playing yet. I was going to revise and just ask you add The Witcher 2, but fuck it, it'll only be me voting for it...we all know Skyrim is gonna win, followed closely by Dark Souls, so why don't you just put those two up there and let them duke it out lol

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Don't underestimate Portal 2. It's a strong contender.


I like how Skyrim acknowledges and respects Dark Souls, where Fable they just openly mock. Bethesda knows what's up.

I love Fable, but I couldn't muster up a shred of interest in the 3rd one. Boring fuckin game.

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I played the shit out of Dead Island, but I'm the first to admit there isn't a whole hell of a lot to it. That doesn't make it bad, far from it, they distilled the game down to a very fun essence.


But it has some highly polished, more ambitious competition here.


I'm just glad no one has voted for CoD yet (judging a game I haven't played, it's this thing I do).

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