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The Andy Morrel Wrexham Cup/Promotion DEATHSHIP

the division of joy

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This just in from Reuters Wales


FA CUP Second Round report:



Red Hot Andy Morrell's WORLD CLASS heroes drove a barbed wire stake through the rancid hearts of Brentford's FA Cup hopes infecting the scum with an incurable dose of tetanus AIDS today.


A second half winner from Good Golly Jamie Tolley (He Sure Likes The Ball) was all Andy Morrell Wrexham FC FA CUP DEATHSHIP needed to secure entry into the third phase of the cup where every single team in the country will be wanting to avoid running into the form team of the last three years.


If you like showboating, get yourself a copy of this game and prepare to wank your cock until it looks like a butchers chopping board as for 90 minutes the away side took the piss with such ferocity the Brentford mascot needed kidney dialysis upon the final whistle. Andy Morrell Wrexham FC FA CUP DEATHSHIP fans taunted him as he was rushed to hospital, the complete and total humiliation of his team likely to be the final image burnt into his shattered mind as he slipped away into the clutches of an early and hilarious death.


Fuck off.



To cap off a brutal sexual assault on their team, Andy Morrell took to the skies after the game and flew the Deathship right into the ugliest set of fans this side of the Chester Hospital Burns Unit Football Supporters Club, ejecting seconds before impact and laughing all the way down. If anyone died, no-one actually gives a fucking shit and none of the cunts will be missed.

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