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i swear this isn't another prank involving pedro


So, as a very special christmas present, Invision notified me today that they will no longer be hosting legacy packages (this is our current setup), as of January. Please believe they're getting a lengthy and bitter letter soon, so I should have specifics on exactly how long we have at that time. However, this leaves us with a few options:

  1. We stay with invision, and go from 1GB of space to @ 700MB. since i've disabled uploading, we can kinda manage this, but they only wish to host their own forum software from now on - meaning, all our side-pages of the Art Gallery, F.A.Q. various pictures and older member profiles get taken down. I could then host them elsewhere, but we'd be paying 2 services each month instead of 1.
  2. We leave them and take our site elsewhere - they recommended a few options, but I'd really have to do research, as the last place we went with that wasn't them was slow, couldn't handle over a dozen people online at once (...) and worse yet, didn't keep backups of our site or allow me to do so, hence our loss of data in 2004. Needless to say, I'm wary of this but if we found the right spot, it could work.


the other catch to option # 2 is that if we're not with Invision, they require we buy a license - normally $150, but their mea cupa is in the form of knocking that down to $100, so this option would bring a quick fundraiser.


I realize not many of you host sites, just wanted some thoughts/input as I try to get last-minute information. Really wish i could talk to Stillbored about this, but he wanted to host us himself on a private server and i'd rather not dump all that responsibility on one person, no matter how great a guy he is. So yeah, here's to changes in 2012!

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Well shit. A few random points:


*I'm gonna have to do some homework here, but I really don't want to waste time with some other shitty host. Unless it is, in fact, LESS shitty.


*I say don't even sweat the money when making this decision, we can take care of it. Or i will.


*The 300MB drop doesn't seem to be that big of a deal, but the hosting of the extra shit is. Any chance we could just find somewhere else just for that and link it? Does it even work like that?

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seriously, yeah, more than money right now, any info you guys can grab on good hosting sites for forums would be the best. we'd lost them patching/upgrading our board but fuck it, i'll learn how to do it, ive done it before for older versions anyway. I really just wanna make sure we go somewhere reliable/minimum downtime and can host a joint of our size (not huge, but lotta guests) without losing too much speed, and again, backups are key. I assumed they were a standard back in '04 and look what happened.

they recommended LiquidWeb and Hostgator, as starting points, though.


as for your third point logans - honestly yeah, that could totally work. we just keep links i code into the board's main page anyway, so if they forward to a different spot i think that's okay, i own the domain so i'd have to see about having side-pages parked elsewhere but i know stilly/others would be good with the specifics so ill prolly call him at a better hour this next week.

as for the dropoff of space: if we're not allowed to keep said side pages at invision proper, no it woudln't be too big a deal, but we're currently struggling to stay at around 900MB with them. it'd take some combing through the site for duplicate/older files on my end, but it could be done.

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here, they usually email me and say make some space, ive gone over for a few days here & there and they've shown leniency but they've been pushing to get us off this legacy package for a while now. they haven't actually done so yet, but they're within their right to take us down till we're within the parameters though, yeah.


looking at it now though:

these are their hosting packages, our current tier only allows 25 online users which i don't care for, so that'd put us at $30/month, and brings some new options (and lots of space) but if we're not allowed to keep our other pages, that'd not be including said cost. Realistically, i know not many visit those ones (and they're rarely updated) but id hate to lose the Art Gallery and a few others.

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Update: just heard back (support is on at weird hours, apparently), we're well over size currently for reasons I'm trying to sort out, but they're offering:

  • Keep $20/month but no more than 25 users on at the same time (not that we do this often, but I don't like the limitation either way) or
  • $30/month for 1.5 GB of space and up to 40 members simultaneously logged on.

the catches are that, again, the other non-forum stuff has to go, so im currently talking to them about their Gallery feature and moving our Art and member pics there, but the shoutbox is against their terms. Both packages offer a chat program (for < 20 users at once), looking into how closely that would mimic our current hollabox.


Ill post back when I hear from them again. also, we're paid up through mid-January so they've confirmed we've got till then, but if we're moving we should obviously do so earlier.

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Yet another ploy to replenish Nick's greatly diminished post-Holiday whiskey reserves. When will we learn to be skeptical of the boy admin who cries 'wolf'?...


Anyway, I'm no expert, but the features here seem attractive to a layman like me.


Core Features


FreeForums.org's FF (free forum) System offers more core features than any other free forum providers. When you create a free forum on the FF System, you will have access to tons of core features.


In addition to the core features of unlimited bandwidth, 99.9% uptime, all languages, over one gig upload space, spam prevention, custom domain support, we also offer hundreds of other features, some of them can be seen on our more features page






We offer more features for your free forum than any other host around. We also offer upgrades you can purchase for a small fee. These upgrades include adding a custom domain (yourforum.com) to your free forum, removing the ads and copyright, using an existing domain, among others.


If you want to take your free forum to the next level with FTP access so you can install your own mods, styles, and host a full website with it, we also offer an advanced hosting solution.




I've posted at a forum hosted by them, and they regularly had dozens of people online at once. From the graphic of the different upgrade features, if you got all of the ones listed there, minus buying a domain name, that would be ($10/yr+12*$4.95/mon+$10/yr+2*$15/6mon) about $10/mon. They also link to an 'advanced hosting service' called Host Gator advertising $8.95/mon (or $5.56/mon if you pay for the year in advance) with unlimited disk space and bandwidth.





Like I said, looks good to me.

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So stop me if I have this wrong but Invision are saying you can only host their software on their servers from the New Year sans any private content (member lounge, art gallery etc)?


I would suggest looking at other hosts. Many hosts offer one-click installs of software including forum software. The problem there is the software might not be as good as the current software. Invision are a forum hosting company specifically right? A more general purpose host that allows third party software installations could be the way to go but with only a few weeks left there is an awful lot of homework to be done. The upshot of this is we have webspace for a set fee that we can do whatever the fuck we want with (within reason naturally).


I'm not going to pretend I have a huge insight into this but I've wrangled with hosts and Wordpress in the past so I can help with research into hosting/software if nothing else. Also, money.


Tricky situation though man. I don't envy you.

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appreciate the sentiments guys, as well as jax's legwork.


Invision got back to me, and again what they're offering:


-All our side pages would eventually need to be merged with IP Gallery, which we would be getting as part of the deal. gonna take some work, and id appreciate volunteers, but this might not be bad, as i've wanted to simply change the jpgs-tossed-onto-frontpage look for years now.

would also be easier to update, if done right.


-again, we'd have to use their chat, which works fine but would display in a separate tab from the main forum (you could click on it like the shoutbox tab, of course). ill check if there's a plugin to display at the bottom of the main page to see who's chatting.

there's other mods they don't want people using anymore (for hogging bandwidth) but we don't really use any of those anyway.


-our images/stuff + actual posts & data bring us to @ 1.4 GB currently, a size that should go down when older profiles/etc are gone through for duplicates/older data.


-again our monthly rent would go from $20 to $30. this is certainly not the cheapest of our options; however, again, it'd be the host we've had for nearly a decade, and they've been on call for hacks and the like, as well as upgrades. As i said, this saves us a $100 license fee for going elsewhere, too. it also brings IP Blog (ray-ray might dig this) and some other stuff i dont yet know like Nexus.


honestly, i'm inclined to stay for the time, but we would need donations to account for the increase, if we went with this option. what do you guys think?

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I'd rather stay with Invision, personally, just because it's at least the cunt we know, and there's less of a drastic overhaul.


Losing the current state of shoutbox is a bummer. Art gallery, less so. Seems to be easily replaced. What else were we concerned about? FAQ? Burn it with fire.


Money = no problem

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I know I am no one that should have a say in any of this

Unless you have some secret reason other than being new here, I'm going to have to respectfully disagree with this statement, especially given your obvious sainthood status for putting up with Panch offer to help.


Just sayin'.

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