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I love comics, but I'm too lazy to call the next day.


Basically, I just don't have the patience to follow every issue of fifty different series to find out why Norman Osborn was able to become Queen of the world or some shit, so I've resigned myself to just reading self contained stories (Preacher, 100 Bullets, Y The Last Man), and the ongoing series that are told through one book (The Walking Dead, Powers), but I know that that means that I'm missing out on good mainstream books.


Now previously I requested Indie recommendations and ye responded dutifully, now I need ye're powers of shit filtering to recommend great runs on mainstream Marvel and DC characters, it struck me that despite reading Spidey and X-Men (as well as Iron Man, Fantastic Four, The Avengers and Hulk on and off) for years there was almost no story arc/run that was memorable, in fact the vast majority was shit.


I'm racking my brain to remember the good runs/story arcs I've read, here's what I've got:



Kraven's Last Hunt

The Lost Years (shut up)



God Loves Man Kills

New X-Men (Grant Morrison's run)




Rucka and Robertson's run on Wolverine that I read while waiting for Nick to come home from work :love: (what book was this Nick?)

Origins (started fun)


Nick Fury:

Fury Max (Ennis)



Punisher Max (Ennis)


Jessica Jones (if she counts):

Alias (Bendis)


Daredevil (Marvel's saving grace):

Miller's run (including The Man Without Fear and Love and War)

Bendis' run

Brubaker's run (just started this, but looks good)


Squadron Supreme:

Supreme Power Max


Marvel Universe:

Earth X

Civil War (was fun for the most part)


Ultimate Marvel Universe (was consistently good all around up til about 2008 aka Ultimates 3)



Year One

The Dark Knight Returns

Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on Serious Earth

Arkham Asylum: Living Hell

Killing Joke

Joker (Azzarello)



Superman Red

Lex Luthor: Man of Steel


Swamp Thing:

Moore's run


So what am I missing? What are the best runs I've never read?

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Planetary ties in with the Wildstorm universe, which is mainstream DC now. It's sort of liiiike...super powered X-Files? That's not doing it proper service. It has a lot of references to pop culture, from comic books to John Woo to Godzilla, that nerdy fellas like ourselves love figuring out.

You're a fan of Transmet, yeah? It's basically what Warren Ellis wrote right after that.


Invincible is also really fun. Basically starts out as a Son of Superman story, then in volume 2 shit gets real.

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Read John Ostrander's Run on Suicide Squad as well as his follow up from 2008 (skip the bullshit from 2005 I read the whole thing and I'm still not sure what happened)


Read Gail Simone's run on Secret Six


Read the most recent volume of Ghost Rider.


Read the previous volume of Moon Knight.


Read Thunderbolts from at very least when Warren Ellis took over until the present.


Read anything involving the Agents of Atlas.


Read the previous volume of The Punisher (yes, the one where he becomes Frankencastle, just do it)

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That's the trick, first issue's always weak. Hell, first arc is always weak. You're a fan of Invincible, you should understand this principle.


Suicide Squad is easy, start at issue one and work your way up.


Agents of Atlas start with the 2006 miniseries, then proceed onward from there. It's a good starting point (aside from the original Atlas comics but it's like watching Fistfull of Dollars before Good the Bad and the Ugly you're just not gonna appreciate it and then come back and call it boring and dumb, so read those later if at all.)


Also if you're going to read Secret Six you really need to start with Villains United, then the 2006 Limited Series Six Degrees of Devestation (where you will be told that Mad Hatter is a badass and will not only believe it but swear it until your death) and Birds of Prey 104-108 then proceed to issue one of the main series.


Thunderbolts, if you want to just start with the really good stuff start at the Civil War issues (I forget the numbers, just find a Civil War trade/torrent) and then proceed forward from there.

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i really got into GL during Ron Marz & the Kyle Rayner shit, because i didnt dig Hal Jordan back then and while DC was randomly fucking up/offing its main characters, Hal turned around and decimated the league itself, so the new kid who's stuck in the shadow of the "greatest lantern ever" was flying solo. i really dug the book around then, but after Marz left, no one really had a voice for Kyle and it still kinda shows, so i don't keep anything in TPB except for Emerald Twilight.


I've been out of comics for a bit now (panch kinda noted this in the Daredevil thread), but most of my regular shit is pulp - i fucking love Hellboy and the B.P.R.D., you can't go wrong there man. Might enjoy Mignola's art as well, we've a thread for these books too.

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