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yeah, we've tossed the Mega Man one about here & on FB, but really, this guy's mostly done the Awesome series before (i have yet to tire of the Pokemon one), this series has actually been both fun & interesting for his talk about level design, learning curves & the like, wanted to make a thread for em.




^as something of an apologist for Castlevania 2, his complaints are actuallly quite fair, even nails down it's better qualities.

"silent hill did the same goddamn thing, ya'll love it so much"


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As someone who went from CV III to Bloodlines due to console choice, I never got to play this little gem until fairly recently. I will say after I finished Dracula off the convo that followed was something close to this:


Friend: SO, another CV down. What did you think?

Me: Enjoyable but...that's it?

Friend: What do you mean that's it?

Me: I dunno, Dracula just seemed a little easy. I mean yeah i died a few times but hearts were all over the place.


Again, not a bad game but I agree with a lot of his points.

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