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SAN MATEO, Calif. — Jan. 19, 2012 — Capcom®, a leading worldwide developer and publisher of video games, is very proud to announce that Resident Evil® 6 is in full development and scheduled for release on the Xbox 360 ® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft and PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system on November 20, 2012 with a Windows PC version to follow. Blending action and survival horror, this latest instalment in the multi-million selling franchise is the most ambitious, immersive and feature rich title of the series to date and promises to be the dramatic horror experience of the year.


It has been ten years since the Raccoon City incident and the President of the United States has decided to reveal the truth behind what took place in the belief that it will curb the current resurgence in bioterrorist activity. Due to be by the President’s side is his personal friend and Raccoon City survivor, Leon S. Kennedy, but when the venue suffers a bioterrorist attack, Leon is forced to face a President transformed beyond recognition and make his hardest ever decision. At the same time, Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance member Chris Redfield arrives in China, itself under threat of a bioterrorist attack. With no country safe from these attacks and the ensuing outbreaks, the entire world’s population is united by a common fear that there is no hope left.


In a first for the franchise, Resident Evil 6 sees series favorites Leon and Chris come together to face this unprecedented threat. They will be joined by new characters, each with their own unique perspective and involvement, in this relentless dramatic horror experience enacted on a global scale.


“Resident Evil 6 represents a giant stride forward in the evolution of the series,” commented Katsuhiko Ichii, Head of R&D and Global Marketing. “The development team, led by Hiroyuki Kobayashi, is working tirelessly to deliver the most impressive Resident Evil® title ever both in terms of scope and production values. We are all genuinely excited by the title and cannot wait to share it with the world.”


Hiroyuki Kobayashi, Resident Evil 6 Executive Producer added: “From the outset the team’s intention was to create an experience that delivers a gripping storyline, tense single-player and co-op action all set against a constant theme of horror. We are calling this fusion dramatic horror and are confident it will resonate with both existing fans of the series as well as newcomers.”




i'm not seeing much gameplay in that trailer, and i swear it sounds like Leon Kennedy is voiced by Nolan North (...), but, hype? this year no less! big day for RE, demo for Revelations went up on the e-shop for the 3DS crowd, too.

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Aw yeah that looks pretty sweet. Gotta admit I'm not too fond of part 5. Not real sure why, though I think it's cause they changed zero about the gameplay from 4 and just swapped character models and graphics. Granted I loved 4, 5 just wasn't much of an upgrade. This looks very promising though. Trailer seemed to showcase alot of potential gameplay. Lots of over the shoulder shots and that bald guy doing some kinda zom-fu or something?

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i like china as a setting (hope they do more then they did with africa), but yeah axels, was just talking to space cowboy about bish & i going over what mighta gone wrong with 5. for me, 4 was fucking amazing but was the clear break from survival horror to straight action, it'd been coming but that was obviously the divide, i thought - so without Mikami, 5 was obviously not gonna please old-school RE fans who want limited ammo/fixed camera angles for claustrophobic shots etc (i think RE for GC was like the last to do this, i hear revelations might?), and those of us who dug 4 weren't happy either.


the game relied upon co-op (i hear it was shitty without it, can't say), bishop pointed out that the levels were entirely disjointed/no cohesion across them either, like you were just traversing set pieces. me, i didn't really dig revisiting the well with matrix-wesker either...whole thing just wasn't memorable for me, and that includes the mansion mission in RE5: Gold. i'm hoping this is a step back in the right direction, lotta people just seem to want zombies and not plant-creatures too, heh.

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Now, if only Konomi would do the same with Silent Hill :-(


yeah, i'm more hopeful for this than 5, but SH....i hate the fact that i should just grab the HD collection & call it a day, but i can't not play the trainwreck they're working on. i gotta see it myself.

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Hopefully 6 wont rely so heavily on co-op. I tried playing the game solo on a PC and it was crap. RE4 was greatness personified in my opinion, so I was looking forward to 5, but it just didn't have the same magic that 4 did, but that was probably because we had already played 5, when it was called RE4.


I'll check out 6, but I am not gonna hold my breath on it.

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I don't know why you all hate on 5. It had it's moments. I also loved 5 for it's co-op, I hope 6 has some sort of co-op in it too.


But more importantly;


Old school Zombies, Bandersnatch type monsters that regenerate, Ada Wong, Leon, Sherry Birkin, Run and Gun, Wesker Junior. (I always knew Albert was a man whore)


All I have to say about 6 is capcom,



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Wait! Don't spend that money yet! You like special editions, right? Suuure you do. We all do.



"Premium Edition" bundles often include statues or plastic weaponry. They're a way for fans to feel closer to the game—and a way for publisher to milk extra money from said fans. And boy does Capcom love milking money!


And with this bundle, Capcom is going to milk a lot of it.

The upcoming Premium Edition for survival horror game Resident Evil 6 comes with a copy of the game, four different RE6 branded tablet covers (a Chris version, a Leon version, a Jake version, and a Secret version), and a Leon leather jacket.

An actual replica of Leon's in-game duds, the jacket comes in small, medium, large, and extra large.

The price for this limited edition bundle? A cool ¥105,000 or US$1,293. The bundle is available through Capcom's online site, e-Capcom. But good news, free shipping!


Hey! Sweet! Free shipping!

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trailer looked great! story's always insane, and i still wish i could see some actual gameplay.


sexyhats - 5 was kinda doomed because if you're following Mikami's footsteps, you're not gonna deliver, and 4 was a classic. co-op was nice, but a game built entirely around it seemed to leave a lotta the single-player crowd kinda salty. i also felt the levels felt disjointed, and BSAA or whatever's not as cool as RCPD yet - but i did think RE Revelations was a lot better.

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Resident Evil 6 Pre-Order Bonuses Revealed - Retailer Exclusive Mercenaries Maps


The Catacombs - Available exclusively at Gamestop with pre-order of Resident Evil 6


There are more than just enemies lurking in these catacombs. Be weary of booby traps ready to ensnare you around every corner! Are your reflexes quick enough to avoid them?










High Seas Fortress - Available exclusively at Amazon.com with pre-order of Resident Evil 6


An expansive stage that takes you from the deck of an aircraft carrier to the hangars inside. Engage in intense shoot-outs on the deck, but hone your martial arts skills inside the narrow confines of the hangers.










Rail Yard - Available exclusively at Best Buy with pre-order of Resident Evil 6


A multi-level stage in the steel and concrete confines of a railroad yard. Enemies are lurking everywhere, from inside the trains to the roof of the yard. You'll have to stay on the move to stay alive!








Originally Posted by Capcom:

Resident Evil 6 will be available on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on October 2n


..it begins

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Isn't that exactly what they are doing in this? I think you pick a character, go through their storyline, then everyone meets in China (I never played 2 so I dunno if that is what it is you are talking about, or if you're serious, or anything. I just don't know, it's been a long day)


$1000 JACKET!!!!

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