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Who's line is it anyway?


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awesome! first part had me thinking: micheal and wayne still got it, but conlin's not trying...later skits he was there, thankfully.


aisha tyler honestly doesn't look bad for the part, but why wasn't drew on board again? is he still on family feud or something else?

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He's on The Price is Right and probably not going anywhere anytime soon, I'm guessing that's why Aisha Tyler is there. She's pretty good on Archer and had a decent gig hosting Talk Soup a few years back, she's still worlds above that British guy who hosted it in the pre-Drew dark ages.

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Been watching the new episodes. They have a few new features, like having a guest actor from some other TV come in for two sketches, often in a capacity that they need to be more of a good sport rather than be good at improv. They've had Maggie from The Walking Dead, Artie from Glee, a 'Real Housewife' and two others I can't remember.


The other new bit they have is behind the set they have a set with a camera on the ceiling looking down at a living room on it's side, so they actors have to lay down on the floor to look like they are standing up. It's the protected for the audience to see. It looks like this.





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^yeah, that new segment is great. they can't resist putting an exorcist/etc sketch into it


almost caught up & loving this; colin, ryan & wayne haven't lost a bit. really feels great seeing them at it again. also Aisha's a fine host, my only knock on her was that Drew got more involved (in stuff he liked, such as the ending ho-downs) but she might find her groove later, anyone watching this long enough knows which cast members favor which kind've skits and i imagine it took some time to sort that out, assuming she decides to join later.


really enjoying some of the regulars so far as well, the fat black dude (they always give him cajun-y bits, haha) is fun but man Key from Key & Peele is a highlight, watching him here again on episode 8.

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yeah, obviously a mixed bag - the chick from housewives did alright with the helping hands bit (as did the pretty boy from the dixie show, that was a trip), i think the WNBA player worked for me because of how well ryan & especially wayne played off of her. some - like the swimming girls - they did what they could, its a weird mashup.

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so far, yeah - ive got the last 2 to watch today & be caught up, but yeah all the other formats were done in seasons prior, it's been great seeing them come back. the first one from the old segment where Colin guesses what news segment he's reporting on..was that a root canal or what? damn that was hard to watch


speaking of the older stuff, i found a torrent with all the seasons up to this one & some extras if anyone's interested!

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Boo, that sucks.


Fortunately, it looks as though a majority of the troupe (you can call them that, right?) are doing quite well doing live versions of the show.


I should know, I was at one last night.



Drew Carey was even there, which was a treat ("I'm the host for the Price is Right, you fuck"). They did say that if we came to see "the tall one, the bald one, or the black one" that they weren't at this show, but had been at plenty others

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On 11/4/2022 at 6:53 PM, The NZA said:

mentally negging stills for insufficient details, post more details dammit shit that's cool

...and I will whisper "no".





But for real, they're doing a tour and they were in Colorado Springs last week. Greg Proops, Jeff Davis, Joel Murray, and Drew Carey. It was an amazing show. They obviously did a lot of crowd work, and even ended with a hoedown. I went with my brother and a friend of ours and we had an absolute blast.

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