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Mamoru Hosoda announces new film (7/12)


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Ookami Kodomo no Ame to Yuki (Ame and Yuki - The Wolf Children) is supposed to be a story about parental love. The story is about a human woman Hana, who is like a fairy tale character full of mysterious love and grace.


It is fantasy masterpiece like the world has never seen before. It spans 13 years, chronicling Hana's life from the time she is 19 years old, as she first encounters Wolf People. She falls in love with a Wolf Guy, and eventually marries him, and she raises her two Wolf Children until they learn independence. The love between a mother and her children... except now with 110% more fur.


The anime movie is produced by Studio Roadmap, a new studio founded by Mamoru Hosoda, once again confirming rumors that he too has left Madhouse. Madhouse is still part of the production committee and NTV is funding this movie, but as far as internal talent goes, it looks like Madhouse is karputt.





Director/Script/Concept: Mamoru Hosoda

Script: Satoko Okudera

Character Design: Yoshiyuki Sadamoto

Animation Director: Takaaki Yamashita

Art Director: Hiroshi Oono

for reference:



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