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Can I ...touch you?


I don't know, can you? Do you have a peenee or va? Are you a millioniare, dahling?


life is ;hard for us, no? everyone always with the lovings. nevr enough time for spending the time on myself.


LIFE is not hard, for me. My lovers, on the other hand...


Is possible to be too sexy? (for your shirt, etc.) Or is this just a myth and that true sexiness does not have a limit?


Oh, I see what you are doing there. I'm too sexy too answer *muah* ;)


Excellent question axels. Related: Can you actually be so sexy it hurts? Or is that just chlamydia?


No glove, no love, dahling. Body glove, I mean. Gimp suits are ma favorite! YEAH!


Anyone who says they're too sexy for their cat is a fucking hack. There. It's finally been said. I think a lot of common but terrible misconceptions have come about thanks to Right Said Fred, those bald-headed netted-shirt-wearing fucks.


Not if your cat is a fucking panther, sweetie. ;)


Who's the sexiest person on the planet other than you... and Jax?


Who is this "Jax" person? Show it to me. To answer you question. I find the man in da mirror to be divine ;)

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