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Learning to play pool. Again.


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Been getting back into playing pool now that I live 200ft from an admittedly poor quality pool table.


I realised immediately there were things I was doing wrong that I used to do right, like not getting low enough. Not moving my arm in a vertical plane.


So I went on youtube for some pool instruction vids. Turned out there were things I'd never known I was doing wrong, like adjusting the height of the shooting arm to adjust where you hit the cue ball vs using the bridge/resting hand to do so.


I tried lots of different videos and I found one video series that is better than the rest. In terms of clarity of instruction, usefulness of information, how engaging the instructor is, even the lighting and camera angles being helpful.


The instructor's name is Ewa Lawrence and the vids are here: http://www.youtube.c...s?feature=watch


Here's her lesson on the stance:


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