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7 Mech games, one year


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Stolen from the Mektek forums:


Armored Core 5 - FromSoftware, multiplatform. (http://www.giantbomb...ore-v/61-29753/)


Mechwarrior Online - Pirhana Games, PC, F2P (http://www.giantbomb...nline/61-27284/)


Mechwarrior : Tactical Command - Personae Studios, iOS (http://www.mechwarriortc.com/) basically Mech Commander


Solaris : Assault Tech - MekTek, Pods (location based game, not for home - think of the old Battletech centers) (http://www.mektek.ne...tech-officials/)


Hawken - Adhesive Games, PC, F2P (http://www.giantbomb...awken/61-34412/)


and the latest entry, add Day 1 Studios back into the mix - Storm Warning (???) - (http://www.day1studi.../storm-warning/)


That's not counting if Steel Battalion comes out this year making it 7 if it makes it. 7 fucking Mech games!!!


I cannot contain my excitement for this, I'm about to explode everywhere right now at just the thought. Back when I was still working in arcades I used to work on the Battletech pods and have a love for giant robots that dates back to my first Macross model as a child.


It's too good to be true. Excuse me, I need to go breathe into a paper bag now while masturbating.

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