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im wondering a bit've the same, i adore my dreamcast but the no 2nd analog camera thing always messes with me. ive high hopes though...gonna need some deals on PSN/XBL point cards soon, Way of the Samurai 4 is getting PSN only release for $40 and id like to support that as well.

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now you're just biting bishop's opinions


while we're opinion-jacking:


I'm not even sure the people that made Jet Set Radio Future even played the original Jet Grind/Set Radio. The debut JSR game played on the mechanics of running from the cops, and later the Golden Rhinos as you attempted to hit all the spray locations in a short period of time.


All of the fun little mechanics are based around your enemies chasing you. This created a sense of urgency while laying down larger sprays, leading enemies astray to open up a spray opportunity, and seeking out the larger sprays to begin with to complete those before the heavy hitting enemies are called in. Then there's the removal of dashing as a move, which had the whole mechanic of dashing to dodge bullets, and wall rides being turned into hot spots in JSRF, which greatly limits the players ability to trick around the environment.


Jet Set Radio Future has awful and clunky fights with enemies in confined scenarios that punctuate exploring a vacant world for you to tag. Even the mechanics of tagging are whittled down to something that's uninteresting. To make matters worse the level design is outright terrible. Most levels, especially later ones, are based on these retarded grindable structures that the player will undoubtedly have to grind up over and over again.


JSRF is more akin to Animal Crossing than it's namesake predecessor for the majority of the game. Then it introduces horrible platforming segments that are undoubtedly some of the worst in all of gaming (see the fortified residential district). And of course after you've gone and played through most of the levels, SURPRISE! now you get to go do them all over again. I'm glad my graffiti got covered up so I could go through these boring linear levels again!


By separating the police and platforming sections they effectively eliminated the sense of progression the original game had going for it. The escalating police force was designed to raise the stakes as you progressed in a stage while also requiring strategy from the player by forcing you to determine which tags should be tackled first. The variation in tag size and complexity contributed to this strategic design. It was a completely different game.


JSRF looks and feels better than the original, I can agree, but I feel they lost the essence of the original game. JSRF became an open world game in which you simply wander around aimlessly while holding the "spray" button along the way. The platforming is magnetic, there is nothing challenging your progress, and the levels themselves are too open for their own good.


I still enjoyed JSRF but it really is a very different experience. It's more akin to an N64 era platformer with its wide open levels and lack of challenge while the original follows more of a 16-bit mold. If the best aspects of both could be combined into a single game I would be thrilled.



Having just put time into it this past weekend I'm inclined to disagree. The controls are a bit sluggish but the game is still a lot of fun and holds up better than I had expected.



full disclosure: i played the crap out of JGR, didnt have an xbox so my Future experience was the 360's not-so-good BC of it, didnt enjoy it as much. i know george knocks timers, but that's part of being arcade-y


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Got this day one, and only now got the fire it up.


Wow, does it look fantastic!! Better than some disc-based HD rereleases of late, and I'm not even refering to Silent Hill Collection.


Only problem is I can't even pass the damn tutorial!! Was this game always so hard and clunky!?


Still love it tough, but it's gonna play havoc with my achievement OCD....

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