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Favorite Movie Scores (by people who don't generally do them)


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I watched "Hannah" last night, and I had forgotten just how incredible the movie score was. I mean the whole reason I went to see it in the first place was because The Chemical Brothers scored the movie. I hope it's something they begin to do a little more on the regular now. The movie was great, but with the right backing music...it was incredible.


So...what are ya'lls fave movie scores (by folks who don't normally score movies)? Ooohh...and once you heard that the music was theirs, did you end up kind of saying to yourself "oh, yea...I can totally hear that now". Or were you just shocked?

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Oh you know something? I love Daft Punk. The only scene I was really taken with in Tron was the club scene where they had their cameo. That being said...I thought the score was a let down.


And you arent kidding Logan. The music in that movie was heartbreaking. I know he didn't write it, but the use of Lux in Autemn (I think that's how it spelled) brings me to tears every time I see it.

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Wait seriously...he did the score? See, I didn't know what. Im going to have to rewatch the movies now. Did he do it for both, or did someone else compose the 2nd?


he did indeed, also did Ghost Dog. both are good - i wanna say he did some of the Afro Samurai game too.


good call on Requiem, there's others i'm forgetting. ive a few friends who swear by Inception, but Hans Zimmer generally does them i think.

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Reznor on Social Network and Girl with the Dragon Tattoo was pretty boss. Similar with Vangelis on Blade Runner.




And also Anthrax on that so-bad-its-good Ghosts of Mars movie. It's thrash-tastic.



John Murphy does a lot of soundtracks but Underworld feature on this one so it counts:


A 3-minute musical orgasm.


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