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okay, so we were kinda talking about this in comics blargh (no idea why i can't split threads with this skin lately), thought i'd make a topic since i' on issue # 4 and am rather interested - art's not my cup of tea yet but it's serviceable so far, story's pretty intriguing though. Space and baytor mentioned it, anyone else reading/read this one?

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Fuck, I LOVE locke & key, it got me reading/listening to Joe Hills audiobooks as well. About to run out of town for work things, but now I feel like I've failed you guys by not talking about this before.


Also add this to the list of pilots that never made it:



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Haku-ing Jax a +1 for that one. Did we really not have a thread about this? I recall Jumbie really going on about this somewhere.


I'm with NZA on the art, but I refuse to let that ruin a good book for me. And the art does it's job well, there are good transitions and shit like that, it's just a personal bitch that the style always seemed a bit jarring and out of synch with the narrative.

I'm not caught up on it either, so if the folks that are could spoiler yo shiznit I would appreciate it.

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it's really just the faces. i don't mean to give Dillon a pass either, the anatomy is just wrong/cartoony here and there where the scenery/backdrop looks good. it's not the kind've thing you hang onto as it tells its story though, i'm at the end of volume 1 and hooked.


and yeah, if there was a thread, i coudln't find it! gonna go watch Bindy's pilot thing i didn't know existed, thanks man.

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finally read the finale (and Grindhouse)...



so that's really it? a flashback story, then we're left with this guy holding the omega key? that can't be right. says wiki:


The original publication plan for the issues comprising the second, third, fourth, and fifth story arcs to be released monthly, with the final storyline being produced as an original graphic novel, but these plans have been altered.


guess we're not seeing that finale?


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In the series finale he finally gets contacted by others from his home planet. Over the episode, he wrestles with whether or not he wants to go home or stay on earth with his adopted Earth family. He finally decides to go back to Melmack and after a tearful good bye, he goes to a field to get picked up by a spaceship. Before the spaceship can pick him up, he's ambushed by a ton of government agents. The spaceship books it and Alf is surrounded by gun wielding G-men who will soon, no doubt, disect him. Credits.



It was supposed to be a season cliffhanger, but the show got canceled, so this ended up being the last shot of the series.




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