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but Dirge should prolly get its own thread or somethin...is that sidestory of FF VII, or what's the deal?


It take's place a year after Advent childern.


TOKYO--Given the popularity of Square's Final Fantasy VII, it's almost surprising that it's taken the company this long to cash in on its classic RPG with a collection of spin-offs. But now, spin-off season is in full swing, and the latest entrant is Dirge of Cerberus, a shooting-focused action game starring the mysterious Vincent Valentine.


The game is only being shown in brief chunks at the Tokyo Game Show this year, but you definitely get the impression that the game is pretty far along. Cutscenes set up the action by showing Vincent skysurfing past a bunch of airships, firing shots at them all the while. The action featured in the TGS demo, however, is strictly ground-based and is focused on freeing children and other civilians who are getting trapped in a city that's under attack from a bunch of robotic troops.


As Vincent, you'll play the game primarily from a third-person perspective, complete with the ability to recenter the camera behind your character using the L3 button. Vincent has a melee attack combo that will land a few hits in a row, and he can also jump and execute tactical rolls, which leave him in a crouched position. While the melee attacks are fairly powerful, Vincent is also very handy with guns, and gunning down your enemies is the game's primary form of combat. Hitting L1 or R1 will drop you into a zoomed-in viewpoint from over Vincent's shoulder. It puts a reticle onscreen, letting you know precisely what you're aiming at. It also has a snap-to lock-on targeting system, so manual aiming is rarely necessary, and is only really useful when you're trying to hit something from a long distance or trying to shoot exploding barrels or other inanimate objects. While many of the enemies in the demo are similarly armed, none of them do much damage, and they all shoot rather slowly, giving you the jump on them almost every time.


You'll be able to equip multiple firearms in Dirge of Cerberus. Your primary pistol fires regular shots with R1, but L1 causes it to fire off slow-moving, extremely powerful projectiles. It might as well be a slow-moving rocket launcher. This is great for taking out groups of enemies with one shot. You'll also have to fight large airships in the game, and if you can lead your target properly, a few of these rocket shots will do the job nicely. You can also equip a powerful long-range rifle and a machine gun, which is as accurate as the rest of the weapons but does far less damage than the other guns present in the demo. Hitting R1 and L1 at the same time uses up your MP meter and transforms you into some sort of beast. In this state, your attacks become more powerful, and instead of firing a gun, you simply shoot very powerful fireballs out of your right arm. Doing this drains your MP meter, but the game has more than a few spots around that will fully recharge your MP.


The action in Dirge of Cerberus is very objective-based and straightforward. You're making your way through a city that's under attack, and your path is made very linear due to fires that block what could be alternate routes. Along the way, you'll be saving children and collecting key cards, which work to bypass security gates that will block your path in a few spots. In the early missions we saw, there seemed to be robots around every turn, giving you plenty of things to shoot at as you progress. If you take too much damage, you can access your inventory and use items to replenish your hit points, among other things.


Graphically, Dirge of Cerberus has a decent look to it. The portion we saw had a handful of in-engine cutscenes that looked pretty good, though the game definitely appears to have plenty of prerendered scenes to watch as well.


In addition to the game's single-player campaign, the game will have a multiplayer mode and an online mode, though these options aren't currently available for viewing. We'll have more on Vincent's adventure as it becomes available.




On a side note Kojima said the MGS4 trailer is the minimun bar for the visuals in the game and that he's confidient that the finished game will look even better.drool.gif


Even if it's not real time it's still impressive Killzone 2

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Well, start off with Resident Evil 5 for the 360 (and later PS3) RE5 :misty:


Can't find video for this one, but I've played the demo and it looks amazing, Fight Night Round 3 for the 360:



Next is [eM] Enchant Arm, I really hope this one comes out over here as it is looking pretty sweet. Not as nice as the Mistwalker Games (which no one here seems to care about.) but pretty cool nontheless.


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...how have i not heard of this? bout how long is it?


Now I know your doing this to piss me off. I've told you about this god knows how many times.


Think final fantasy tactics but with loads of humor. and if you want everything from this game you need to put about 300 hours or more. The last hidden boss fight is a real bitch. Damn thing has like a 2million or more hit points with a atk and def around the millions. You need some major leveling up to take him on. Disgaea is one of those cult hard to fine games. Plus it has eight endings. Found only 3 so far. Disgaea 2 should be out sometime this year. Thier saying it's going to alot longer then the first.



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anyone looking for a copy of Disgaea you can find a copy at GameQuest Direct apparently this company is reprinting rare games and selling them new at regular price instead of the HUGE markup you'd pay for a used one on Ebay. They have also reprinted Rez, Gitaroo Man, Persona 2, and others. Rumor has it that some other hard to find games will get reprints as well, I hope there is one for Suikoden II as I was never able to get my hands on it and it sells on Ebay for a nut and a half.

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This one goes out to Jumbie:




The first Yaoi game translated into english. When I first saw the news story on this one I thought the headline read "Yaoi game coming to DS!" instead of "Yaoi game coming to US!" which I thought would have just been too wierd. Apparently its set in france. Wow, a gay game in france. Wonder what would happen if Thompson got his mitts on this one.


News story here: Kotaku

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I will buy a PSP for one game. It's called Valkyrie Profile. A remake of the PS1 game with added story and game play. I was super pissed when my games were stolen a few years back. While I did find out who did it he sold my stuff. I did a good job of finding almost all of my games a few I can't find. Valkyrie Profile goes for over a 100 used online. Yes, I know it's cheaper to buy the game then a PSP, but the game could be in bad shape. Ask anyone or read any review and they all say the same thing. It's one of the best games ever made. The trailer starts with the PSP game then by the PS2 game. Two Valkyrie Profile games in a year. SWEET!!!




If anybody finds this mint let me know. You will become my new best friend.

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The new Tomb Raider is looking like it might not suck, if Crystal Dynamics can make the controls good, I may actually like this one, that and it be purdy.






and wrestling + cheesecake == Rumble Roses XX





and because waiting for this game makes me wanna cry, another shot from Oblivion.



Edit: god damn it. Gotta go, friggen images that don't link. I'll fix these later.

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shit, that was cool. Thats PS2 right? i need to know more bout the plot, but it looks interestin. Character design looks a bit like Vagrant Stroy to me, too....man, that moment where there was english in the trailer made me wish these games would just stay subtitled - auron's the only FF voice that ever impressed.

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