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Hot Toys Collectible Figures

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I've got a friend who is a SERIOUS collector, and one of his recent poisons are these Hot Toys Adult Collectable figures. Typically they run about 150 to 200 bucks a piece, but the detail and articulation are INSANE. I think Logan recently posted the upcoming Avengers Hawkeye (prompting Panch to get on my case again about making the tread), and I think Hakus said he has the Joker one (Nice!)


If you've never seen them before, then you no doubt will scoff at the price tag but take a look at some of these:
















Batman and Joker come in multiple flavors:




































Man, how awesome would it be to have the full Avengers team??


Their site is currently under construction but I believe they use some kind of voodoo magic (unconfirmed) to achieve the crazy level of detail.

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goddamn. usually the figures on this tier (price-wise) strike me as rare but not worth it, these are nice though.


Panch & I used to be into figures in the day, and for like decades it seemed Marvel was stuck with Toy Biz's low-detail stuff, while McFarlane was stepping it up (except for accessories, which rarely fit for me) and became the master of making cool figures for stuff i didn't give a fuck about, for the most part. but both low and high end figures, 90%+ of the time, it's the facial details that throw me off - either they look plain or distinctly like someone other than they're supposed to. ive never seen such attention to facial detail, really impressed here.

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Really, the Scar-Jo one is the only one that's "off" for me. She looks like a sex doll, and nothing like Scarlet Johanson.


I also find myself a little disturbed by the interchangeable Bat-Mouths.


Cool as shit though, it's really all about the faces for me. Some really amazing stuff going on here. I will own one of these someday.

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Yeah, if I had the cash (and display room) I'd upgrade from buying the collectible 3 & 6 inch figs to the HOT Toys (There's a bad size joke in there somehwere waiting to be troll'd.)


I bought the Heath Ledger TDK Joker a year or so back as a kind of impulse buy, and now I kind of regret it. While it's a fuckin' sweet collectible, he just stands out in an odd way in my collection. I wish I could afford to have it displayed alongside the 1989 Burton Batman & Joker. The Downey Iron Man and Sam Jackson Fury would also be at the top of my wish list if I were to ever be able to seriously get into collectiong the HOT Toys.

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