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aw, jokey-doom is like 3 posts away (tops) from hooved Ultimate FF edition.


i still think Waid's story with him taking the FF (& their kids!) to hell was some hardcore shit, really proved what a dick Reed was too. oh yeah, i think i have that one stand-alone Byrne issue that Wizard praises for showing how he rules his kingdom...i wanna say he kills a child servant in that issue for whatever reason too.

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Oh god, did he? I only vaguely remember the details of that series, I really need to reread it.


Also, found this:


Doctor Doom got tired of ruling over his own world so he decided that becoming a Pokemon Master would be a good way to spend a week or two.

However, what he did not know is that by the time he had gotten in on the craze almost every other Pokemon had been chosen already by the various other trainers.

Only two were left. A Chansey and a Magikarp. He stared deep into Chansey's eyes and saw nothing but perfectly stupid bliss staring back at him. He was not pleased. Then he stared into the eyes of Magikarp and it was there that he saw it. A rage that matched his own, a rage that empowered Magikarp to reach for great heights.

Doom picked Magikarp and asked Professor Oak what moves it knew. When Oak explained that it only knew splash, and then what splash was. Doom frowned harshly.

Oak would pay for this treachery.


Read all 86(¿wtf?) chapters here.

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Harry's Inferno » reviews Harry Potter died at the age of seventeen. In another time and place he returned to the world of the living, but in this time and place he has been dragged into the depths of hell along with the rest of the magical world. This is going to be a trip.


This guy is a fucking legend. I'm 62 chapters into his Doom story. SIXTY TWO CHAPTERS! He's like the David Mamet of fanfic writers.

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<p>After several seconds the light abated and Magikarp was Magikarp no

more. Its new form let out a tremendous roar of triumph as it unraveled

itself from its coiled position and stood erect in front of Doom.<br></p><p>Everything stood erect in front of the majesty of Doom.</p>



This hasn't let up once!

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Context: This is Dr. Doom crying about 9/11




First of all, this is a guy who has tried repeatedly to destroy the entire city of New York, and occasionally the eastern seaboard. He's not the Joker, but he certainly doesn't care much about the deaths of innocent people.


Secondly, he can't even cry.




Thirdly, Doom knows but one emotion: HATRED FOR RICHARDS!



It's obviously non-canon, but still. Really? Even 616 New Yorkers would barely bat an eyelash at 9/11. These people are hard as fucking nails, and every one of 'em probably has an aunt that got vaporized by Molecule Man or a cousin that was eaten by a rampaging mutant sewer rat.

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yeah, i thought JMS' 9-11 book was largely tasteful & a good effort overall, that was about my only "nah man" moment, i figure we all let it slide at the moment cause of the event. it was a weird time.


which reminds me! tangent time: i used to actually read IGN comic reviews back then, and this one guy bombed the shit out of Ennis' 2nd Punisher run, the Nixon island one, because he thought it distasteful to publish an issue with frank shooting down a plane of mercenaries like a month later. i wish i still had the douchey email i sent that basically said: i was visiting FDNY stations right before this shit went down, and the book was written like a month before then if not more - seriously man? it's a national tragedy; shut up and do your job or stay home.


i got no reply.

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