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The Cabin in the Woods

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i can totally see this becoming a cult hit.



i really want to see it again so i can pick up on everything. this is like the arrested development of horror movies. also, the purging elevator scene was amazing. it was totally whedon-esque.


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^Right?This was one of those few movies (a horror movie no less) that I just didn't want to end. Definitely the movie of the year so far.



I was fucking cracking up at the Unicorn. And I'm glad that the clown wasn't demonic looking or anything. Just a normal ass clown is good enough.


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I'm gonna have to just get this and watch the last 40 minutes in slow motion 30 times just so I can make out everything that's going on. I'm gonna study this thing like the fucking Zapruder film.


So what do you think the "Glitch" from 1998 was?



I've heard a very good theory that it might be in reference to "The Faculty" since that movie inverted character archetypes. And given that it was the "chem" department that fucked up and they're in charge of hormones and shit like that I could see this being it. Though it really wouldn't surprise me if Halloween H20 was the reference seeing as LL Cool J was dead as fuck yet he showed up at the end with a few scrapes and bruises.


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What a cool movie. It gave me a husband's bulge.





The Faculty is a good call. I was thinking the glitch might have been referring to Dark City or maybe even The Truman Show. After perusing wikipedia, maybe Urban Legend? None of them really work that well, maybe it isn't referencing anything.


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I would write it off if the rest of the movie weren't just crammed with references, in-jokes, and easter eggs. Dark City and The Truman Show aren't horror movies so they don't fit the formula and Urban Legends was about as by-the-books as these things get. It pretty much has to be The Faculty, my H20 guess is pretty good but The Faculty is spot-on.



So, for lovers of this movie I compile you a list of recommendations:

For inversions of horror movie archetypes - Simon Says, The Hazing

For art-fag meta-commentary on horror movies - Funny Games (original or remake)

For more accessible meta-commentary on horror movies - Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon, Dale and Tucker vs. Evil

Meta-commentary for mouth breathing dip-shits - Scream

For people who loved the last 40 minutes - Waxworks

Just because I said so - Night of the Creeps, House (the 80s one), Slither, Dead-Alive, Trick-R-Treat

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