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Earlier this evening, something amazing happened. I asked my FB friends if they could help remember a weird Little Mermaid animation piece I had seen years ago that wanted to show a friend, and someone was nice enough to point out that the group who made the song has done a bunch of other fucking brilliant work all while warping copyright laws and such. They use copyright infringement as a literal art form. Here's Gimme the Mermaid:



Here's a wiki page about how Bono's sample ended up in that amazing song: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Negativland#U2_record_incident


The more I keep reading about and listening to these guys, the more I've fallen in love with their work.





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Have you checked out their illegal radio show? Sooooooo awesome. Also, plus 1'ing you for the awesome Negativland goodness you just posted. I ended up staying up super late last night reading about their work, and their use of copyright infringement as an actual art form. It's fascinating, and I've felt super inspired all day because of it :D

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