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September 19, 2014, LOS ANGELES – FX has cast Sam Elliott and Garret Dillahunt in recurring roles on its critically-acclaimed, award-winning drama series Justified, which enters its final season January 2015.


Sam Elliott will portray “Markham,”

a legendary Kentucky gangster who returns from exile with a private army and bags of cash (earned growing legal weed in Colorado), hell-bent on winning back his empire and the lost love of his life, Katherine Hale (Mary Steenburgen). He'll find himself butting heads with Raylan and Boyd and even with Katherine herself, who secretly believes that Markham is the rat who brought down her husband.


Garret Dillahunt will play “Walker”, a spec ops veteran who's spent much of the last decade deployed in combat zones, first as a soldier and most recently as a private contractor. He now handles security for a quasi-legal businessman, a job to which he brings all of the skills (as well as the demons) he acquired during his military career. Walker hides his simmering rage behind an exterior of cold professionalism -- until the combined irritants of Raylan and Boyd wear away his veneer and bring the monster to the surface.




slept on the last season or so, will be back for the finale

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This scene between Hickock and Jack always stuck out. I had to go look the exact quote up on imdb:



Wild Bill Hickok: Sure you wanna quit playing, Jack? The game's always between you and getting called a cunt.

Tom Nuttall: Meeting adjourned, fellas, take it outside.

Wild Bill Hickok: That dropped eye of yours looks like the hood on a cunt to me, Jack. When you talk, your mouth looks like a cunt moving.

Jack McCall: I ain't gonna get in no gun fight with you, Hickok.

Wild Bill Hickok: But you will run your cunt mouth at me. And I will take it, to play poker.


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Someone reporting, sir.


I thought S5 was okay, but I wasn't really much invested in the misadventures of the Crowe family. S6 is pretty damn good thus far. Sam Elliot is being underused (and under, um, mustached), but his stable of merc henchmen are damned entertaining. Mary Steenburgen is okay as Wynn Duffy's partner. Raylan has been the 'B' story for most episodes it seems, but he finally got featured in an episode of his own series in S6E8 "Dark as a Dungeon. I found it a little disappointing. About to watch S6E9 now though.

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I felt it was a satisfactory ending. Nothing really earth shattering happened and it played out like you'd have reckoned. Some people thought the last scene, especially the last line, was corny, but I thought it did a pretty damned good job of summing up the series as a whole.

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‘Justified’ Team Reunites to Develop Elmore Leonard Novel at FX, Timothy Olyphant Rumored to Return as Raylan Givens




The team behind “Justified” is reuniting to develop an FX series based on the Elmore Leonard novel “City Primeval: High Noon in Detroit,” with Timothy Olyphant potentially returning as Raylan Givens, Variety has learned exclusively.

“Justfied” creator Graham Yost will serve as executive producer, with “Justified” writers and executive producers Michael Dinner and Dave Andron onboard to co-write, executive produce, and serve as co-showrunners. Dinner will also direct. Chris Provenzano, Sarah Timberman and Carl Beverly of Timberman-Beverly, VJ Boyd, and Taylor Elmore will all return as executive producers. Peter Leonard of the Elmore Leonard Estate will executive produce in association with MGM. Walter Mosely will serve as a consulting producer, as will Ingrid Escajeda. Eisa Davis will produce. Sony Pictures Television will serve as the studio, as they did on “Justified.”
According to sources, as the project is in the very early stages, nothing is set in stone as of yet, meaning Olyphant could star in the series or appear in a smaller role, but no deal has yet been made.

“Justified” was based on Leonard’s character, Raylan Givens, who appeared in multiple novels and the short story “Fire in the Hole.” Givens was a Deputy U.S. Marshal who is reassigned to his native Kentucky after a controversial shooting. “City Primeval: High Noon in Detroit” follows a killer named Clement Mansell, known as the “Oklahoma Wildman,” and dedicated Detroit homicide detective Raymond Cruz who vows to take him down.


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