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Tekken Tag 2


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I'm in absolute shock there isn't a thread for Tekken Tag 2. I'm sure everyone's gonna pick this up.

But I'm really starting this to express my disappointment in my (used to be) favorite game co, Capcom.


I've spent a ton of $ on sfxt and lord knows how much the locked chars are gonna cost in August. But I digress... Or do I >_>...




"Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Will Not Have Disc-Locked Content


Good news for fighting game fans and the FGC at large, Tekken Tag Tournament 2 producer Tetsuo Harada talked openly about Capcom's recent trip-up getting caught red-handed with disc-locked content in Street Fighter X Tekken. According to Harada, Tekken Tag Tournament 2 will have a story mode for each and every character, but the game will not have any DLC characters or disc-locked characters. Everything will be accessible right there on the disc.


Tekken Tag Tournament 2 will sport more than 50 characters, pair-play, scramble modes, tag team modes and more. Producer Tetsuo Harada also confirmed via Twitter that each character will have their own brief story sequence that will actually be longer than what they were in Tekken 6.


In an interview with 360 Magazine, Harada also stated that...

Regarding DLC, or disk-locked content, Tekken’s never really done that before and charged for it. However, we did have a system, if you remember Tekken one through five, where characters unlocked as you play, but we never charged for it. The concept itself was there.


Really the player’s opinions and heated discussions surrounding this is about whether or not you should charge for it. And this isn’t really directed at Capcom, it’s something I’ve been saying for a long time now, I see characters and their move sets as kind of like chess pieces.


They are essential items necessary in the competitive aspect of the game and we would never sell them individually. I’ve been saying that since before the whole thing happened and that stance hasn’t changed."


What a sensible statement, that almost makes me want to kiss the man. Well, not really but that's such a welcomed statement amidst so many excuses why features we used to get in games are being stripped out and resold as extras, such as costumes, characters, preset-combos and heck, even colors. I mean, colors? Really?..."


Read on: http://www.cinemablend.com/games/Tekken-Tag-Tournament-2-Have-Disc-Locked-Content-41862.html

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Good for Namco, weird to see them not trying to nickel-and-dime this gen though.


I played the shit out of Tag 1 but it was an early PS2 title and friends were all over it, i've barely touched SSFIV and will get around to MvC3 and others one day...there's just been too many games this gen i wanted to play to get heavily invested in a fighter, for me. i hope it's good though, i havent played a Tekken since 5 arcade, around PS3's launch.

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In my opinion tekken tag is easily the best tekken ever. I thought it was never released for consoles, which drove me friken nuts. But in the same time frame as part 1, you had Sega feedin DOA which stole the spot light of 3D tag fighting at home.


Four players at the same time... Amazing. RIP dreamcast. A new DOA COMES OUT THIS YEAR TOO @_@ (I think...)

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Lol Ay man... Doa feeds a nostalgic feeling of hating psx when I had sea Saturn. When doa first came out the first port was on Saturn back when xmen vs sf just came out in Japan only. But yea that counter bull got real tired after the last dc game.





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Yea... I need to buy a stick sooooooooo bad for everything... USB Saturn controller takin a toll now


Just an FYI: hidden char dlcs will be FREEEEEE. fookin capcom....did you know they charged for the extra chars behind namco's back? wak.

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