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Da Evolution of Hip-hop... (Or Rap whutever)


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I wanted to open a thread on this for a few reasons. Since I was growing up ppl were close minded to only the music they listened to. And where I lived, it was to the pt of mass ignorance (racism).


You never heard an electric guitar in a rap song or a rapper in a rock song. But (no matter how terrible) we have guys like Kid Rock who mixed it to the suburban masses and eminem being actually a white guy rapping not named vanilla" anything.


But today, we got every R&B artist including a guitar solo in their work and gym class heroes tearin it up, making a living from that weird gray area between pop n R&B. (not rap, I know).


I think it's amazing how much of a cluster f*k of genres we have today.


Given, jazz is well into every genre and the blues is the origin if all music. It would be easy to compare Grand master flash n kanye west to get my point across, but i wanted to focus on something a bit more intricate. Here's a true example of the evolution over the course of about 3years of rap:


Camera phone by the game:




Maybach music 3: jazz but orchestral? This blew my mind when I heard this. Sick:




I'm using an iPad so hopefully the sound isn't as bad a quality as I'm hearing it thru this speaker. Otherwise, I apologize.

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yeah, those links don't really work for me - your m-m-maybach link wasn't bad, check out GURU (Gang Starr)'s Jazmatazz sometime too.



i personally never outgrew the jazz + boom-bap sound of Pete Rock, DJ Premier, Large Professor and non-NY dudes like Dilla...it's why i love Nujabes. for blues stuff...did you hear Blackroc?


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Yea I find it difficult to find the exact examples I wanted to use on youtube so I settled lol


Those are awesome sets man. The last song you put up: straight blues; I love it. Tho it's hard to take Jim jones seriously sometimes...


The reason I picked maybach music is because Ross used a friggin symphony for the whole thing. That's something I've never heard before he did it.


I heard this one about a year before this guy released 103... I thought he cut it short because he wanted to save it for the album but it didn't make it. Still this is so different. No one has mixed live brass to make something like this:



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