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confirmed first-party characters:


Parappa the Rapper: Parappa is small and fast; a short-range melee character. His moves come right out of Chop Chop Master Onion's kung-fu dojo, though you'll have to be right up on your opponents to connect with most of them. One of his most useful moves is also pretty funny: he brings out his Boxy Boy boom box (it arrives with the classic "Aw yeah!" hip-hop sample) to the play field, where it spews AP bubbles that can be picked up to charge super meters. Smart players were using the boom box to level up and use Parappa's skateboard super, which dashes through and knocks out anyone in sight. It's a total dick move, but it works, and wins matches.


Radec: Killzone character Radec isn't as cute as our favorite dog rapper, but he makes up for it with badassness. He's quite the opposite of Parappa, working best as a long-distance attacker, with projectiles and lasers that easily land hits on the opposite side of the play field. His level one super gives the player a reticule that can be placed over any character to direct a large-scale fire attack.


Sweet Tooth: Those wanting to play as a strong bully will want to choose Twisted Metal's scary clown hero. He's huge and all about space control, with attacks that can send you flying. Up close he hits really hard, so stay away if you can. I loved using him to shoulder check enemies to send flying across the screen. His level three special is flashy, bringing fire and parts flying out of the sky to his body to turn him into Mechatooth, armed with a machine gun that will easily mow all opponents down.


Fat Princess: No one picked the big girl in the first rounds, but I found that she was one of my favorites after trying her out. I fell in love after seeing her match opening animation, which has her instantly plumping up after downing a piece of cake. Princess has swinging mid-range attacks that are fast and reliable, and they provide good defense, as a lot of jumping and blind swinging can take place. She's surprisingly agile and has lots of power.


Sly Cooper: Sly is unique in that he has no defense at all. Instead, and true to his character, he can turn invisible by hitting the block button. This makes him quite a bit more sneaky, as he can get behind opponents to use his special moves in close range. His normal attacks glide him from platform to platform, and he can fly/attack diagonally, making him great at recovery.


Kratos: Anyone that has enjoyed any of the God of War games will feel right at home with Kratos, as he plays exactly the same in All-Stars. He's the best all-arounder of the initial line-up, with a mix of both ranged and close quarters moves. His spin attacks take up huge space, and his spear-based pokes will push you back. He's a beast.


more to be announced, including much-needed 3rd party ones!

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more to be announced, including much-needed 3rd party ones!


That 1st party line up is pretty underwhelming so far. I don't know who they could pull out of the woodwork to get me excited for this.


This is a doomed effort, they'll never be able to top Solid Snake vs. Optimus Prime!



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...everything you just said applies to Gex though, minus Hartman


Look, I'll admit Gex hasn't aged well but it was decent platformer and a likeable enough character. So I, the abyss, stare back at you "guy who defends the first Bubsy game."


And Spyro was the shit, fuck anyone who says otherwise.

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man, PSN+ let me get the spyro games again recently...i remember having a lotta fun with the first 1 as well, but yeah, poorly ages.


i bet OG 2D Bubsy 1 holds up better than your Gex or Spyro! for real though, how much further down the well can they go? They lost Crash, i don't think they ever had Abe, or uh Medieval guy? There's the bunny from Jumping Flash...you know konami's not against throwing around Snake and maybe characters they forgot about like Alucard, so there's definitely options. whether or not it holds anyone's interest for more than a minute though, i have no idea.

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Spyro 1 was okay but it was the company's first endeavor into platforming, Spyro 2 and 3 (especially 2) are both bonafied classics that deserve all the praise they have. Having played both Bubsy and Spyro 2 in the last 2 years I can say that Bubsy is still tucking ferrible and Spyro still rocks. What happened to the games after Insomniac Studios left is not their fault.


And I'm also thinking from the perspective of who would make a good fighting game character, Gex would: he's got a lot of possibilities as far as move sets go (a hell of a lot more than fucking Parappa) and he's got charisma. Last I check the most recent Super Smash brothers had that busted ass NES robot and Kid Fucking Icarus when was the last time anybody cared about that stupid tit?


Snake is probably in, and like I said Sackboy almost has to be featured. The creations of Lorne Lanning (which have not been seen this gen) were last seen tonguing the balls of the Xbox so that's not likely, but I'm sure Crash and Sir Daniel Fortesque could be gotten fairly easily. I'm not holding out for shit like Tinytank, Tomba, or Cloud Strife but I have to admit that at least 2 of those would be pretty sweet.

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i should try spyro 2 i guess.


R.O.B. is classic, and Kid Icarus has one of the best games of this year so far (i'm told), man.


and now you're gonna put down my dog Parappa?





i love sony but i'm not kidding when i say he represents like 75% of my interest in this project so far


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ideas i have seen elsewhere online and would now like to posit as my own:


-the monkey from Ape Escape

-Nariko (Heavenly Sword)

-Kazuma Kiryu (Yakuza - yeah, my interest would go way up but he's made for it)

-Cloud or Sephiroth, whoever square lets out of their cage (bonus: you can reuse assets)

-a piece from Lumines lol i dont know

-for real does Sony own Medieval?

-ubi's really trying with Rayman these days

-the detective from Heavy Rain?

-Laura Croft

-moterfuckin' LAMMY

-see if you're gonna use a character from Tekken (or Toshiden haha) id rather see a skin for a messy PS1 art version too

-yeah sackboy's a given (as the Mokujin?)


-Barry from Resident Evil


also someone let Pete know, Sweet Tooth is now being called a juggalo in some circles.

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If I had to put money on a Final Fantasy character, it'd be Vincent. It seems like they have such a boner for that guy. (I'd like to see Red XIII myself). Jimmy Hopkins from Bully would be pretty sweet if they could get him. Doubt that'll happen, but still would be cool.

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