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Well, they've confirmed that it won't have them fighting villains, it's just be stories of hanging out at the tower, and doing teenager things. Essentially stuff that could happen to regular teenagers, except they are the Teen Titans. That stuff worked really well in the last show, but as one part of a show that also involved, y'know, superhero shit.


It reminds me of the concept for the never-made Gotham High show. Batman characters in high school not doing any superhero or supervillain shit.



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Yeah, except more fart jokes.


I wouldn't mind any of these shows if they weren't replacing YJ, and even Green Lantern a bit, I guess, though the LOVE IS IMPORTANT angle in sci-fi blows the chunks. The fact that How to Train Your Dragon continues irks me.

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I only watched the GL series premiere and thought it stank. I don't know about the Dragons show, but I liked the HTTYD movie a lot and I thought Dreamworks did a good job adapting Kung Fu Panda for TV. FYI, meanwhile over on Nickelodeon, the new CGI TMNT show has gone from having a passable, but sometimes groan-worthy premiere, to actually having gotten pretty damned great by the halfway point of this first season. I may be biased by childhood Turtle-love, but I never cared for last decade's Turtle series (except for the Turtles Forever movie, which was great).

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Seeing some noise about this on my fb feed from some of my geekier friends. I never knew this was a show worthy of excitement. Is this show more stand alone episodes or does it have a continuing story? And if it is a continuing story, is it Avatar/Korra level or Voltron reboot level? The latter left me a bit meh.

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