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I'm heading out tomorrow , and will be gone for a month - looking forward to hanging with several of you overseas soon.


while i'm out, Logans will be looking after the place*, so in addition to usual super-mod stuff like splitting, merging, moving threads etc, if you're trying to get your most recent troll friend approved for registration, shoot him a message - the email notification of new members signing up doesn't reach him, and he can't be expected to continually check the queue, so let him know.


treat him with the same respahahaha really though, don't burn down fight club while he's medicated.



*may god have mercy on your souls

**if i return to prometheus spoilers, there will be so many bannings


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... The fuck is John Byrne?

Hello subjects.


I will be your substitute* admin.


Right of the bat, you should all know that I do not tolerate lollygagging, nor will this open defiance of authority be tolerated.

There are going to be a few new rules around here, and they will need to be followed to the letter. Rules bring serenity, and a serene message board is a productive message board. Violators will not only be punished with posting restrictions, but will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law . You agreed to a binding contract with Invision when you opened your account, and failure to adhere to the rules stated forthwith constitutes a violation of said contract and causes undue pain and suffering. We will attempt to collect a sum of money to compensate for this loss of personal happiness and freedom.


1. Each registered member shall post at least one time per 24 hour period, each post consisting of at least 16 words or an animated .gif. Every morning at 6am central standard time the user database will be purged of extraneous accounts.


2. No running in the hallway. Or anywhere else. Just no running. It's stupid.


3. Batman wins. The only exceptions being on a case-by-case basis against particular X-Men when no preparation is involved. We will inform you whenever such an event arises.


4. Political talk of an overly conservative nature will go exclusively in either of the two new politics sub-forums, entitled "Money is more important than people and my personal morals should be the law" and "Crazytown".


5. Talking outtta turn. That's a bannin'


6. Looking out the window. That's a bannin'


7. Staring at my sandals. That's a bannin'


8. Complaining about the bannings. Ohhh, you better believe that's a bannin'.


9. Do Not start threads discussing or promoting new books/titles John Byrne has not worked on.


10. Do Not start threads asking John Byrne questions until you have checked the FAQs.


11. Do Not post colored versions of John Byrne's black and white art.


12. Do Not use "John" or "JB" when addressing or quoting anyone other than John Byrne! It gets very confusing.


13. Do Not ask who John Byrne is.


I hope we can all help to make this transition as painless as possible.




*until he figures out how to reset all the passwords.

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4. Political talk of an overly conservative nature will go exclusively in either of the two new politics sub-forums, entitled "Money is more important than people and my personal morals should be the law" and "Crazytown".


I hope your intention is to feed into one of Joel's most annoying personality disorders, his martyr complex.

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man, i didn't think you guys would take it that hard. ya'll make a man almost feel bad for gambling with t-shirt overcharges.


logans - like you said on the phone, company policy is best when it follows prison rules. i think you're gonna have to grab one of them and start making an example.



props on the byne victims list, holy shit i can't see those rules without remembering my favorite bannable offense: "do not presume to know what John Byrne likes or does not like, especially if speaking to him directly." classic.


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