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Officially official




Your First Look at Dead Space 3


After a mysterious Dead Space teaser surfaced yesterday, what's reported to be Dead Space 3's logo and the game's first image surfaced today.

The screenshot and logo appeared on website VG247. Check out the above image.

Not much is officially known about the game, other than its existance has been confirmed. Here's what's been speculated and rumored so far.

Back in September 2011, Kotaku reported that the game would be set in an icy wasteland inhabited by an all-new strain of monster.


Those certainly look like necromorphs to me, but we'll see. I'm really hoping this doesn't turn out to be Resident Evil 5 all over again :/ New stuff should be pouring in soon (E3?) now that this trailer surfaced. Hoping for good things!

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Story's B-grade bad - tolerable, but not up to par. Reads like fanfiction, little internal consistency. Psychological horror? Relegated solely to the co-op partner for a total of three gameplay hours out of eighteen in the campaign. Not only that, but they're completely optional, meaning even if you ARE playing with somebody else, you can miss or even ignore them all.


Gameplay isn't tuned. All enemy encounters are ambushes of six or more, the threat is in their numbers and not their power. They flood you, and you use a gun you made yourself to kill them quickly. It's not about dismemberment, it's about flooding them with ammo. All optional dungeons are reskins of the same warehouse.


It's not a bad game, it's a meh game, and as a franchise swan song i just shake my head. They made everything too big with no real impact.

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See, in two those relentless enemy waves added to the terror because the smart thing to do was fight them off while searching for the exit before you ran outta ammo or health. DS3, I was never out of ammo, always with health to chug, and I was playing on hard. The horror in two was the pressure to make it out okay, which things like the limited save run and actual limited ammo contributed to. It was more of an action game than one, but the goal was to overcome, not overpower, the necromorphs.

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Beat Dead Space 3 on Hard and like Mal, there really was nothing to it. Always had plenty of ammo and health, plenty of extra bits to make new circuits with, had my suit fully upgraded about 45% through the game and stuck with pretty much the same weapon as soon as I got the parts about half-way through the game. I found that a Telemetry Spike made into a semi-auto gun with a Bouncing Bola gun on bottom, added with some bigger dmg or clip size on attachment1 and stasis bullets as attatchment2 was my own best weapon. I made and played around with plenty of other config's but when the shit got deep that gun always saw me through.


I was extrememly dissapointed with the ending also. DS1 and DS2 I thought had damn good endings. But the ending to everything was a let-down. And there was absolutely NO reason DS3 had to go more action packed. They could have done the horror thing, scarce ammo and all that and still made a damn good game. Hell towards the end of the game you get to stand on these kinetic boosters that let you rip arms off aliens that are still alive...by then you should be down to your last bit of ammo, almost no health packs, but no...there's a bench right before and after so you are never scarce on anything.


DS3 wasn't a bad game, but it could have been so much more....7/10

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