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Mid-game commercial interruptions



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Sony patent could see games interrupted by compulsory ads




Sony Computer Entertainment America has filed a patent that could see video games interrupted by compulsory advertising. The patent's abstract describes the the suspension of "interactive content" in order to display an advertisement, after which interaction resumes.

The patent suggests that a new mode of in-game advertising is under consideration, which to date has seen visual advertising and product placement appearing in games without overtly interfering with play. The development hints that, in future, in-game advertising may adopt a model much closer to commercial television.

The patent, filed July and granted November of last year, goes into more detail about how this would affect the user experience. The filing suggests that gamers could be warned of an impending advertisement by a warning message, or by slowing down gameplay. The filing also suggests that game content could effectively be rewound at or prior to the end of the ad, presumably in an attempt to ready up the player in case the gameplay broke off at a critical point.

Online multiplayer games are specifically mentioned, confirming that Sony is at least considering the approach to both online and offline games. During online games, the patent has clauses for the display of the same advertisement to all users simultaneously, and different adverts for one or more players.

In addition to the "video game consoles" mentioned in the patent, it is also applicable to computers, TVs, DVD and DVR players as well as home media servers.


I don't like to put opinions in the first post of a poll, buuuuut...fucking evil.

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Ha, I could just imagine Demon's Souls against a boss and bam! "We interrupt this boss battle you've finally reached after dying more times than you can count to bring you a word from snackie smores!" Fuck this though. The game better be free like tv if they do that shit.

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With Sony introducing their streaming service , I think this may become more relevant very soon.


Cloud service is expensive, especially when you're gonna have entire games on them with millions of people accessing it. That's a lot of units, a lot of bandwidth and a lot of security.


So you think we'll get mid-game interruptions? A little box in the corner? A commercial when you resume? Because the odds are very high we're gonna get something, I think.



Skip these ads with Playstation Plus!
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