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What was the BEST film you've seen?

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I wish I only enjoyed things that were masterpieces with artistic merit so I could make snarky asides any time somebody says something I like is bad.


I do so love the Beverly Hills Cop movies but I just wish they were as good as Dune.

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If a movie about Marky Mark's giant cock is considered artsy, then the world has just gone full retard.


Boogie Nights was made by neither David Lynch nor Stanley Kubrick. I know this because the plot made sense and the acting was good and there were no midgets that I recall. It generally is considered kinda arty by arty film geeks. It is a great movie though.



Stanley Kubrick was an unparalleled cinematographer but he was a shitty director and the man couldn't write his way out of a paper bag (kinda sad considering almost all of his movies were adaptations of other people's writing. I found A Clockwork Orange and Dr. Strangelove to be great and I didn't hate 2001 but I can't stomach anything else he's done (except the first 30 minutes of Full Metal Jacket) and I've never seen the appeal of his version of the Shining (not that the Mick Garris version is any better mind you) it misses the point entirely which might be forgivable if the point Kubrick decided to make instead made any goddamn sense. His movies are very pretty, but they're flat boring nonsense.


David Lynch is not a good director, he is not a good writer, he's not even a good cinematographer. But the man can set the mood to a piece briliantly, unfortunately he rivals Damon Lindelof in the "making shit up as he goes along" category. And at least Lindelof tries to pretend he has the answers, Lynch is happy to just fling midgets and shady old men wherever the mood strikes him. I do admit that I love Blue Velvet despite the fact that the acting not done by Dennis Hopper is about as skillful and nuanced as a 7th grade production of Romeo and Juliet and I enjoyed Wild at Heart, I even kind of dug Lost Highway and Twin Peaks. But fuck everything else. I could maybe see him as a decent play director but he is not cut out for movies.



Now for the on-topic stuff. There's a lot of variables for what I would consider the "best" movies I've ever seen are, so here's a bunch that I fucking love that I feel everybody should see at least once in no particular order:



























I have to stop now, I could do this all night.

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Freaks and The King of Comedy are both so good. Freaks fucking enchants me every time I see it. I can't multitasks when that movie is on.


I'll save my Shining rant for another day, another thread.


You mentioned the two Lynch films that are great, so I'm once again confounded by your weird scales of judgment. No need for explanation, you already have elsewhere, I just still find it weird.

I would also throw in The Elephant Man damn-good Lynch list.

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I always forget the Elephant Man exists, and is a Lynch movie, I give you that one. I also own up that I don't remember much about Wild at Heart other than that I enjoyed it but I may just fondly be remembering that part where the guy blows his face off with the shotgun, so there's that.

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I liked Once Upon A Time In the West enough, but I don't get the rabid fanboy adulation many Western genre fans give it. ASC posts only three films and that's one of 'em? Does not compute.


Because it's a layered movie, it has the framework of a typical spaghetti western but it's so so much more. I could outline the finer points but this guy is a lot better at it than me, so read on:

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