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Butter or margarine?


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Ok so I lost 30 lbs and I'm pretty sure I am gaining it all back today. I am a fan of both butter and margarine. Right now I have this butter from new Zealand that is the best ever. Reminds me of the butter on the cruise ships. Just felt like I needed to share how awesome it is to get drunk and eat bread and butter. Lol

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OH yumm....


I try not to have either, but I just picked up Bummel & Brown's yogurt vegetable spread...tastes just like the real thing and loads less calories -- but when I cook, I tend to not substitute the real stuff...it's almost blasphemous!

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No, not at all. I think I talk about it in the weight loss thread...


Since surgery, I've only sipped beer twice, champagne once & wine once. All four times I almost instantly got a headache and got super duper sleepy. I honestly haven't tried since....BUT -- I just bought a bottle of Malbec and Benz & I are going to share it sooner rather than later...I will let you know (or even better post in the drunken thread)...


From what I have heard from other people who have had the surgery, one glass will give you the effect of a bottle of wine but the buzz goes away quickly although your BAL stays through the roof. Many people become alcoholics after surgery...

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