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The Amazing Spiderman game


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Announced at NYCC!


Amazing Spider-Man video game coming 2012, is open world


You may have seen the teaser posters around New York Comic Con. Activision and developer Beenox is working on a new game based on the upcoming Amazing Spider-Man movie. During a Marvel panel at the show, Activision officially announced the game and showed off the first trailer for the game.


Doug Heder, producer at Activision, admitted that Beenox's track record has been mixed. Their last release, Edge of Time, currently has a Metacritic of 60. However, he promised that Amazing would find a different fate, thanks to its lengthy development time.


Gerard Lehiany, creative director of Beenox, says that the game has been in development for over a year so far. Beenox has two teams, with the Amazing team having worked separately from the Edge of Time and Shattered Dimensions team.


The trailer definitely earned high praise from fans, who were enthusiastic about Spider-Man's return to New York City and open-world gameplay. In the real-time trailer, we saw glimpses of Peter Parker jumping off buildings, swinging through the city. The "realistic" look is a stark departure from Beenox's previous two Spider-Man games.


According to Heder, the game serves as a continuation of the movie's story. The game is pegged for a "Summer 2012" release, likely near the movie's July 3, 2012 date. When Activision publicly releases the trailer, you'll see it here on Shacknews.



first screenshots!





hahaha, yeah here's a closer look




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But this is Beenox, and they've been throwing rocks lately. Did anyone play edge of time? Looked solid enough.


I really liked Shattered Dimensions, and was looking forward to Edge of Time. A friend of mine download a rip of it for his modded Xbox the week before it came out. I plodded through for about two hours waiting for something interesting to happen, to no avail. When I quit out and checked the chapter select, I had played through about half of the game.


The seemingly endless array of colorful environs from Shattered Dimensions are gone.



Apparently, the ENTIRE game takes place in an office building, so you progress through level after level of BLAND warehouses, factories and laboratories.



All the cool bosses, GONE.



As far as I can tell, there are a whopping TWO people from Spidey's rogue gallery in the game, one of whom shows up suddenly in a cutscene and immediately gets sucked into time vortex.


You DO get to fight Anti-Venom like 3 times though (with the EXACT same pattern no less)!!! That's as good as having multiple bosses, right?!



Beenox DID change the combat engine a bit. The thing is, the changes are all weird and I hate them. "What button do I press to lock on to enemies....there isn't one....okay, I'm pretty sure I could lock on to people before".


And the much touted mechanic where your actions in one time effect the other, well it's ALL scripted events. And they are usually mundane things that would be solvable in ANY OTHER game without ALTERING THE SPACE TIME CONTINUUM!


O'Hara: Hey parker there's a box in my way.

Parker: Okay, can't you move it?

O'Hara: Nah, it's kinda heavy.

Parker: Well isnt there a switch or something? Maybe a air duct you could use to get around it?

O'Hara: (shugs) Idontknow?

Parker: Well, look around or somethi-

O'Hara: LOOK man, this game is supposed to have cool time paradox stuff in it so help a brother out!

Parker: Okay, but you are assuming that nobody's moved that box in almost nintey years. Oh, here it is..(punches box)

O'Hara: Thanks dude!


I was hoping you'd be able to switch back and forth between spider-mans (spider-men?). Nope, the time jumps are all scripted as well.


It's a REAL shame. I don't know how Beenox TOTALLY dropped the ball with this, imo. I really, REALLY want to like it and support it (with money), because it's basically a 2099 game featuring "our time" spidey, (The plot begins in 2099, and it's O'Hara that's moving things forward). I tried Edge of Time, I really tried.

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What you've just described is what he's been doing for the last 10 or so years, in concept form.(You're right though- it's not a skin that fusses me remotely. It could be Saints Row the Third ruined preposterous skins for me though after rocketlaunching my way through a city with my own naked avatar)

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I know this game doesn't even deserve its own thread... Not excited about the movie at all.. (perhaps if the reboot venom?)


But THIS!.. Is awesome. And fookin hilarious.

(stan lee vid)




I can't believe Panch hasn't splooged all over that in here yet. His focus must all be on the Heat right now.

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I can't believe Panch hasn't splooged all over that in here yet. His focus must all be on the Heat right now.


You are correct, sir. Last night's festivities have taken a lot out of me. While the Heat were popping champagne bottles, I was celebrating by "popping" my own "bottle". Needless to say, I'm all splooged out. Gimme a couple days :)

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